pieliedie and Raging Potato leave Team SMG

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Published  12 Aug, 07:37
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Malaysian esports organization Team SMG has removed Johan "pieliedie" Åström and Ryan "Raging Potato" Qui from its active Dota 2 roster.

"Today we announce that our Dota 2 player, Raging Potato, will move to our inactive roster. However, he will be allowed to explore his new options in pursuing new opportunities. Meanwhile, as for today too, we will say goodbye to pieliedie. Thank you for your hard work and dedication during your time with Team SMG. It's been a pleasure, and we wish you all the best in the future," notes Team SMG’s statement.

pieliedie wasn't in SMG for long. The 31-year-old Swedish player joined the team in June.

26-year-old Raging Potato from Philippine played for SMG longer. He became a team member in November 2021.

Due to rumors, Team SMG expects Daryl "iceiceice" Koh to join. The 32-year-old Singaporean star recently left Team Secret’s roster.

Team SMG's current active Dota 2 lineup is:

  • Yeik "MidOne" Nai Zheng
  • Kam "Moon" Boon Seng
  • Tue "ah fu" Soon Chuan