Explaining Why Fnatic Team Queso And Case Esports Deal Became Complicated

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    According to sources close to BLIX.GG the deal between Fnatic Team Queso and Case Esports has fallen through. Today we will explain the whole process related to this deal, all details have been backed up by multiple sources.

    Disclaimer: Fnatic’s LVP Superliga spot belongs to Team Queso, so in case of any offer appers, a decision is on the Spanish team.

    Friday, April 14

    Team Queso had a meeting with LVP communicating that they will leave at the end of this year. They asked if there were options to leave the competition right now, they will explore it.

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    LVP communicated that a Superliga team is interested in selling the spot for the next Summer Split. Case Esports showed great interest in this spot, but the organization wanted to be sure about the price of this spot and the amount of Circuit Points they will get in case of buying the spot.

    Later, they were informed that they could join the league with the 75 points of Fnatic Team Queso and the price would be between 80,000 and 100,000 EUR.

    Monday, April 17

    Case Esports after several meetings agreed to buy the spot with the conditions mentioned above and for a price of 100,000 EUR. The deal was not completed at that time but started to get underway.

    Fnatic TQ Roster. Image credit: Marca

    Wednesday, April 19 - Thursday, April 20

    Fnatic Team Queso had a meeting with the players in the afternoon, where they explained to them that they might not continue with the Superliga project and that they could explore offers in the market even if the deal was not yet completely done.

    Due to this the rumors gone bigger and information spread across the scene, and from BLIX.GG side we confirmed the possibility of Fnatic Team Queso considering to sell the Superliga spot.

    Important note #1: Fnatic Team Queso and Case Esports haven’t been communicating with each other directly, but through LVP, so the Superliga was the middle in these negotiations; that is how the system works in the LVP.

    Important note #2: The competition of Superliga belongs to LVP, thus a percentage of the transaction for the spot would go for LVP in case any such deal goes through; the received amount is distributed amongst the remaining Superliga’s teams.

    Afternoon, April 20, after reporting the possibility of Fnatic Team Queso selling the spot, Case Esports, LVP and Fnatic Team Queso reached an agreement for the transition of the spot on the conditions mentioned above. Among the agreed details, Case esports was informed that they should prepare the presentation of the team joining Superliga for April 27th.

    The Conflict

    Case Esports would inherit the relegation ranking points that Fnatic Team Queso had, and the transfer would happen for 100,000 EUR.

    It is stipulated that Case Esports would have to make the presentation of the team in the first Superliga division Thursday, April 27. It led the teams to prepare for the off season ahead of the next split.

    Everything progressed well until Tuesday, April 25, where the LVP & teams regular meeting was held. At the meeting the agreement between Case Esports and Fnatic Team Queso was presented, and complaints arise from many teams, the vast majority of these complaints came due to the spot’s price.

    Previously, some teams paid around 300,000 EUR for the spot in the league and with the latest deal done that value would have been notoriously diminished.

    The second most common complaint was that they went in with Fnatic Team Queso points, as the investment in first division should be higher than in second division and for just 100,000 EUR they could half assure that they would avoid relegations.

    All these complaints and reasons led to delay of the public announcement and an emergency meeting was called on Friday, April 28th to solve the conflict.

    Emergency meeting and possible solutions

    Among the proposed solutions was the possibility of letting Case Esports enter for that price and get only 30 circuit points, in addition to the fact that only one team would be relegated in the relegations. This option was not very much discussed.

    At Friday's meeting, the different parties continued to maintain their positions, so the agreement became somewhat extremely complicated. Finally, two options were proposed.

    Option #1

    Fnatic Team Queso will continue with the spot until the end of the split, announcing its natural exit 180 days in advance as indicated in the rules.

    Option #2

    Fnatic Team Queso would leave the competition and Case Esports enter free of charge to the first division, on the rights of LVP’s administrative promotion.

    Finally, the option the most probably option is to continue with the spot due to the current situation and despite having reached an agreement for the sale of the spot.

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