Recap and summary of the new Mirage window smoke bug disaster at PGL Antwerp Major

Published  15 May, 10:23
Reading time  ~1  min

The CS:GO world woke up to the discovery of a bug that was used in the first round of PGL Antwerp Major Legends Stage by G2 Esports; the bug would create an unnoticeable gap in the enemy’s smoke by throwing a smoke on top of it with a specific line-up, this allows full vision through the smoke while it the area would look fully smoked on the other side.

The bug was seen first in the G2 VS Na’Vi game, where m0NESY used it in the last round of regulations to push the game to overtime, before using it again in their second BO1 against Imperial multiple times in rounds 3, 11, and 15.

There’s no doubt that this bug can be a turning point for the general score, and it would cause so much trouble and backlash.