Report: EG to bench Stewie2k and RUSH; choosing between neaLaN and hooxi for IGL; considering signing valde

Published  5 Jul, 18:34
Reading time  ~1  min

According to multiple sources close to the situation, Evil Geniuses are looking to bench Jake “Stewie2K” Yip and William “RUSH” Wierzba from the active roster. Sanzhar “neaLaN” Iskhakov from K23 and Rasmus “HooXi” Nielsen are on the list for the IGL role, BLIX.GG has learned.

Recently, Evil Geniuses signed with the rosters of Carpe Diem and Party Astronauts, becoming the first organization to have a 15-man-roster. Paolo “EVY” Berbudeau’s declarations to 1pv about Stewie2K made a black cloud hover over the player. RUSH and Stewie2K joined Evil Geniuses at the beginning of 2022, and in this period, they were both the worst statistically.

An old wish, Valdemar “valde” Bjørn is on the list to sign with Evil Geniuses too, BLIX.GG has learned. Valde was rumored to join the North American roster at the beginning of the year in RUSH’s place, according to and Rush B Media, but the deal fell through. Now in OG bench, the rumor lights up again, but it's still an open case.