Sources: Sayaplayer set to sign with T1

Published  5 Oct, 20:46
Reading time  ~2  mins

The former TheGuard player would relocate to compete in VCT Pacific League.

According to sources close to BLIX.GG, Ha "Sayaplayer" Jung-woo is close to signing as a T1 player to compete next year in the VCT Pacific League. This would not be the first time Sayaplayer would play for T1, as he was a player for the flagship League Of Legends organization in 2021.

Currently, Sayaplayer sits on the bench for The Guard since they were not accepted into the Valorant Partnership Program in any region. Sayaplayer had great results when entering with TheGuard, placing first in VCT 2022: North America Stage 1 Challengers. In that same Masters, The Guard team was eliminated in the lower bracket with a 2-0 win against Paper Rex.

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The roster of the T1 team is uncertain for the moment, but it will have some changes like the incorporation of Sayaplayer. This is mainly due to the change of region of the organization, since partnered teams are allowed one import to their roster, and T1 had 3 North American players.

All rumors suggest that they will keep Ban, Munchkin and Xeta in the main roster, even though the future of the team is up in the air.

In case the rumors and the move are confirmed, T1's roster would be:

- Sayaplayer

- Ban

- Munchkin

- Xeta

- ?