Sources: Alby has reached an agreement with Giants and will be the Spanish team's jungler in the 2023 Superliga

Published  18 Nov, 16:26
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Giants have paid a buyout to Bisons for the Netherlands jungler. Phil "Alby" Qin has reached an agreement with Giants to be the team's jungler in 2023.

"Alby" would leave Bisons Club after one year competing, sources told BLIX.GG on Friday. Bisons and Giants had recently reached an agreement on a moderately priced buyout in line with current market prices for ERL and LEC.

Alby will join Giants as the fourth member and the only thing left to decide is the ADC of the team, which must be LTR (national) to comply with the Superliga rules.

Alby is a jungler who has competed in several teams since 2017, some to highlight before joining Bison were PSV Esports and Sector One. With Bisons they managed to qualify both splits to the EU Masters, although in the Summer split they were eliminated in the play-in.

The Giants roster would be the following according to previous reports:

  • Scarface
  • Alby
  • Decay
  • ?
  • Stend