Sources: former KOI toplaner WhiteKnight has reached an agreement with FC Barcelona to compete in Superliga in 2023

Modified  24 Oct, 12:11
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Matti "WhiteKnight" Sormunen has reached a verbal agreement with Barça esports for the next Superliga season. The KOI former player would leave Ibai Llanos' organization to compete with FC Barcelona, sources told on Monday.

WhiteKnight is a player with a lot of experience, his first competitive appearance was in 2013, in the EU LCS 2013 Summer, debuting as ADC and having in his team Araneae in the jungle. But it was not until 2017, when he began his competitive career, but as a toplaner. He played for teams like PSG and Unicorns of Love in the highest European competition at that time, the EU LCS.

Some time later he joined BIG, where he won an Eu Masters and was signed by Astralis to compete in the LEC. The Finnish player had a great performance in Astralis, but was acquired by Koi for the 2022 summer split. Finally, the toplaner will stay in the Spanish league, but this time in the FC Barcelona team.

On the other hand, FC Barcelona is still competing in the Iberian Cup with their previous roster, they had a pretty decent first year in Superliga, qualifying both splits in play offs and placing third in the spring split and qualifying to the EU Masters play in.