Sources: Jarge has reached a verbal agreement with FNC Academy to coach the team

Modified  9 Nov, 17:10
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In addition, Fnatic has recently reached an agreement to renew Bean as ADC of the academy.

According to close sources, Gonçalo "Crusher" Pinto would have joined the LEC as head coach, so Joshua "Jarge" Smith would have been Crusher's successor at the academy.

Jarge is the former Head coach of Movistar Riders, he has been since June 2019 in the Movistar Riders team and had great results with the team in 2020 and 2021, where he won several Superliga splits and qualified for several EU Masters.

On the other hand we have Bean, who after exploring offers in the market decided to renew with Fnatic Team Queso Academy. Bean is a player who has played in last year's Worlds, after the absence of Upset for personal reasons, the ADC of the academy had to fill the gap. They didn't make it past the group stage, but he had a very acceptable performance.