Sources: R4VEN set to join Rebels Gaming

Modified  18 Nov, 11:55
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Former CASE Esports toplaner Miłosz "R4VEN" Domagalski is expected to join Rebels Gaming for Superliga 2023, sources told BLIX.GG on Friday. The 22yo player would make the jump back into Superliga after being inches away from qualifying into the league with their former team.

For those who don't know R4VEN, also known as Raven, is a Polish toplaner that already played in Spain back in 2020 with Team Queso, managing to reach playoffs in both splits. In 2021, though, he played for Vitality.Bee in LFL for just 1 split to later move as a positional coach for the team in Summer. This 2022, he was mostly known for his move to CASE, besides having a level that belonged to the upper half of any Major ERL instead of a 2nd division team.

After playing tryouts for several teams, some of them in the LFL, he ended up on the newest Superliga team, Rebels Gaming. R4VEN would be the only closed player in the roster, besides the coaching staff, who will still be led by Iván “Prod1” Villanueva, while the rest of the roles are still under tryouts, which are expected to end by next week.