Stockholm Major Day Two: Ties, Ties, Ties

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Welcome to the second issue of the Stockholm Major daily digest! The first day was hot, but the second turned out to be even hotter! More sensations and discoveries happened, and we are starting to form the first serious title contenders. But first...

Breaking News: ESL has officially disqualified MindGames from the tournament.

Although it wasn't a surprise, all has been finalized. Despite the statements of the team coach, Arsenii "ArsZeeqq" Usov, that the visas would be in order, they had to change two players before the tournament; PuckChamp's Astral & Dukalis (who are currently in Europe) were meant to stand-in for Bignum and CemaTheSlayer.

Then, it turned out the team's manager didn't help his players get visas, and lied to multiple parties, including his own players, PuckChamp, and tournament organizer. Essentially hamstringing the EEU region.

At the same time, CIS Rejects' manager said that his team was ready to fly to Stockholm with a full squad a week ago, but ESL delayed MG's disqualification time and time again. As a result, no one came, and the first team to finish 7th and leave the tourney has been decided. (Well, at least MG were one of the main relegation candidates, so there were no serious casualties.)

Still, let's run through Day Two main events.

T1 Look Scary

It was noticeable even in yesterday's matches, but today T1 has proven themselves again. Outstandingly performing against aggressive top-tier teams. First, Kuku's gang smashed OG to pieces, leaving no chance for the Sunflowers. Then, beastcoast barely managed to hold a tie against them. T1's most important and serious test is over — it remains to slam BetBoom on Saturday and then pass the final quest in the form of Tundra Esports on Sunday. In case of victory over the latter, T1 will declare: "We're here to win the Major and you should fear us".

We highly recommend watching T1 play.

Pakazs Shines Bright

Oh, South American Dota has always been an eye candy. And Thunder Awaken is the new favorite. Watching TA's teamfights is a sight to behold — positioning, decision making, opponent control, ability execution, chemistry… Oh!

All that remains is to get the macro better and Thunder can aim at the highest places.

Nevertheless, we're here to highlight TA's pos1 carry, Crhistian "Pakazs" Savina; acquired from direct competitors, Infamous, a little more than half-a-year ago, the young player helped the team to win back-to-back SA DPC Leagues not losing a single match and continues to crush everyone at the Major, as if this is not his first huge tournament.

Tundra Are Possible Major Winners

If they stop trying to outsmart themselves with midlane picks. So far, everything goes so well for Tundra — they easily win lanes, Aui_2000's drafts are insanely good, and the execution is amazing. But over and over again, when the team takes the first map, next map they're midlane pick is a Tuskar or Snapfire. And they lose.

No one doubts Nine's ability to play almost any hero in the midlane, but it's not always clear why do this when there are good proven options.

Apart from this little thing, Tundra is great. Keep it up, and this Major is in the bag.

In Other News

  • Abed got Storm Spirit again as EG tie with BOOM
  • BOOM and BetBoom tied all their matches for now: 0-4-0 and 0-3-0 respectively
  • Beastcoast shows promising play; step by step, finding their game
  • Team Liquid forming their shape too, tying with Fnatic winning against GG
  • OG lost to T1 and Tundra, two fiercest opponents at the Major. Not a good sign for them.
  • Team Spirit back on track after a shaky start. They're still far away from the TI form, but it's all about gaining momentum, isn't it?

Stockholm Major Day Three Schedule

We strongly recommend watching;

  1. Beastcoast - Tundra: Anger Management Task for Tundra
  2. T1 - BetBoom: Fun, Fun, Fun!
  3. Team Liquid - Team Spirit: S-Tier Quality Dota

May 14 Match 1 Match 2 Match 3
1:00 PM EG - BetBoom BOOM - T1 Beastcoast - Tundra
3:30 PM EG - OG BOOM - Tundra T1 - BetBoom
6:20 PM Fnatic - TA Liquid - TSM
8:40 PM Liquid - Spirit TA - GG

Feature Image via ESL Dota2

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