SWS CEO speaks out against CBCS for their “lack of respect with the orgs”

Published  28 Mar, 17:17
Reading time  ~2  mins

The CEO of the Brazilian organization SWS Gaming, José “Zehbernardi” Paulo, shared his dissatisfaction with the policies of the CBCS (Counter-Strike’s Brazilian Championship). In declarations to BLIX.GG, José shared that the CBCS doesn’t pay any money in terms of “image rights” to the clubs present at the tournament. Instead, José said, they should share the IP and allow the clubs to broadcast the games if they were not streamed on the official broadcast.

The tournament José refers to is the CBCS Retake Series, which started on March 21st and will end on May 1st. The tournament includes teams such as Los Grandes, MIBR Academy, FURIA Academy, and B4.

Additionally, the CEO is very unhappy with the situation of which games are being streamed. For SWS, CBCS streamed their first games against Los Grandes. However, for their game against FreeStyle, the club didn’t have access to the IP to transmit the game or watch, and CBCS didn’t broadcast the game. After warning CBCS that they may choose to skip a game due to the issue, José was given the option of watching one player’s pov with a two-minute delay, which doesn’t make any sense in José’s opinion.

Zehbernardi also speaks on the “lack of affection and understanding with organizations”. “I am particularly upset, as an investor, I have been in the scene for three years and increasingly putting money to give a better propensity to our young people and value the scene, so I am very upset.” - José

Stars Horizon and Arena Jogue Fácil Esports haven’t had any game streamed, the CEO of SWS says. José says this is a disrespectful move as if the teams in the tournament don’t have their matches streamed, their sponsors may get angry because their company on certain players’ jerseys is not being shown.

BLIX.GG has reached out to CBCS for a comment, but at the time of publishing, nothing has been received.