tabseN: "Personally, I don't care who I play... I just want to go to the finals and be champions"

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Arguably, few expected the kind of display BIG has shown in IEM Dallas 2022. Despite being one of the three replacement teams ahead of the LAN, they finished top of Group B having bested the likes of Ninjas in Pyjamas, MIBR, and FURIA Esports, ensuring at least a Top 4 finish in the Lone Star State.

While some might gawk at the sight of BIG succeeding over their peers and reaching the late stage of this tournament, for them, their current form is the result of a brimming dynamic between them and head coach gob b, who joined in early May after transitioning to CS:GO from Valorant. Through the combination of gob's tutelage and the team's subsequent performance, BIG looks poised to take a step further and conquer IEM Dallas against all the odds.

In anticipation of facing either C9 or FaZe, BIG attended a press conference to speak about their showing in IEM Dallas thus far, working with gob b as their head coach since his arrival, their confidence level going into the quarterfinals and much more.

Congrats on finishing first in your group and reaching the semifinals for the event. I'd just like to know what's the overall environment while awaiting your opponent?
It feels really good because we went out in the [Antwerp] Major early on. We had really high expectations from the major and we couldn't fulfill them at all so it makes us really happy that we performed like this on this tournament and that we can go even further and into the finals maybe.

Up until this point, most people expected you guys to not do well and bow out early on in the tournament. However, you have managed to do exactly that. What enabled this team to play well in the group stage and be in good spirits ahead of playoffs?
I think the most important part about that is obviously our coach gob. He teaches us really well and he is able to take us to the next level so to speak. I think he's the main reason that we can perform like that because he's helping every player individually as well to just perform at his best.

For gob b: As everyone knows, you joined this team after leaving Valorant in early May, meaning you've have roughly two months to work with this team, so how have you been able to develop that relationship with the players that eventually came to fruition thus far in this tournament?
Gob b: It has been maybe two months but it really feels less because we don't even have like two or three weeks of practice since we are traveling all the time. But for me, it was very important to ignite a fire for every player. We are trying to make them better. We know what we need to and everyone is stepping up.

It's my natural being to always be motivated and I'm good at motivating my surroundings and also like the best ones and they want to be excited and motivated so I just need to give them an environment where everyone is feeling great and you can enjoy yourself and this team. Other than that, as I said, I'm a very motivated guy. I can give some motivation to my players and that has helped them get better in case they want to achieve more and work harder, and if you make an environment where it's fun as well, then all the better.

TabseN, you've been with this team for many years so you've seen plenty of iterations and various teammates and coaches come and go. What are your thoughts on the evolution of this team and where do you think you guys are now?
tabseN: Personally, it's a completely different team. As you mentioned, we have had many different players over time. Our talks with this roster and also in changing the coach was definitely a huge part to have this team chemistry where we get along with each other. It's really, really nice to be around with this team and feel the passion and the motivation as gob b said. He's lighting a fire into us and it's just amazing to be around these people who want to achieve the same thing that I want to achieve sort of the same.

To Krimbo: You were on the BIG Academy team before. How was it? Did you like get a call to come to the main roster?
Krimbo: I got a call at the end of one day and was told they needed me to play the [Antwerp Major] RMR Qualifier to help them out because k1to couldn't. Things just got rolling from there and yeah. So congrats.

What's the confidence level getting into this next series against either Cloud9 and FaZe Clan? Of course, FaZe is a top level team and is one fans expect to progress to the finals. For the entire team, what is your confidence level so far towards potentially facing either FaZe Clan or Cloud9?
tabseN: The confidence is really high for us because we want to reach the finals and we also want to lift the trophy so everyone is really motivated. Personally, I don't care who I play. I don't care if I play Faze, I don't care if we play C9. I just want to go to the finals and be the champions.

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