Talon Esports Completes Filipino Valorant Roster with Korean Coach

Published  23 Apr, 11:50
Reading time  ~2  mins

Talon Esports announced their entry into the competitive VALORANT scene with the initial reveal of three Filipino players. GabbyDiz, gnaru and Mark Ed “markL” Lester. They then followed up by announcing the final three players of their six-man lineup, Alex, Drei, and Go “UdoTan” Kyung-won. Finally, they announced on April 23, 2022, Korean coach In “Creative” Moo-keunto rounding off its VALORANT roster.


While little is known about Alex, The trio of gnaru, Drei, and GabbyDiz had previously played in the Philippine VCT - their most recent event being the 2021 VCT Philippines Stage 3 Challengers. Meanwhile, markL had previously played in the Vietnam VCT. The team’s most notable addition, UdoTan, a Korean veteran, had been playing in Korea as recently as last month under the GoNGo Prince banner.

The organization revealed its final piece with the announcement of Korean coach Creative. The coach, just like UdoTan, last participated in the Korean VCT with GoNGo Prince. Unlike UdoTan however, Creative was not a player but the team's coach and will be keeping his role in his new spot at Talon.

he organization has successfully fielded several APAC teams in several esports titles. With Talon’s entry to VALORANT, they will be playing in the Philippine VCT. Their first look on the server will be during the 2022 VCT Philippines Stage 2 Challengers. The Stage 2 Challengers will begin shortly after the first International champions of 2022 are crowned in Iceland.

However, eyeing a top spot in the Philippines will be no easy task. The region is home to the Internationally renowned Team Secret, who finished 5th-8th at last year’s VALORANT Champions. It is also the breeding ground of several other promising sides, as the region is one of APAC’s strongest. But as of the most recent 2022 VCT APAC Stage 1 Challengers, the Philippines’ top bet of South Built Esports finished far from the top, eliminated at the 7th-8th place.

The Talon Esports VALORANT Lineup is now officially:

  • GabbyDiz
  • Gnaru
  • Mark Ed “markL” Lester
  • Alex
  • Drei
  • Go “UdoTan” Kyung-won
  • In “Creative,” Moo-keun [Coach]

Watch Talon’s new team live on the official Philippine VCT and VALORANT Twitch channels.