The Dota 2 Teams That Will Compete at ESL One Malaysia 2022

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Since the PGL Arlington Major 2022 is over, the current DPC is slowly ending. With that said, we’re yet to see the biggest, most compelling tournament of 2022 — The International 11. This competition will take place in Singapore for around two months, including the best teams globally. You'll find a list of the directly-invited squads here.

Unsurprisingly, the teams that failed to receive an invitation will have to compete in the deadly regional qualifiers. We will have the chance to watch them soon, but until then, another big event is on the horizon.

ESL One Malaysia 2022 is a non-DPC event taking place in SEA. It’s a LAN event with 12 teams and a $400,000 prize pool. Despite not being a part of the DPC, this tournament will allow some teams to play against the top clubs from other regions for the last time before The International.

The event

ESL One Malaysia 2022 will have two groups where six teams will have to fight for their survival. Those who fail to impress and finish in last and second-last place will head home. However, the winners and runner-ups will receive a slot in the Upper Bracket. The remaining teams will head directly to the Lower Bracket.

Unsurprisingly, every match in the Group Stage will be in a Bo2 format. However, once Playoffs begin, teams will play the Bo3 series until they reach the Grand Final. This is when we will have access to a deadly best-of-five series.

Those who want to attend the event live have to head to Malaysia and find the Genting Highlands. ESL One will take place in Arena of Stars, one of the popular venues there.

Where to watch ESL One Malaysia 2022?

If you don’t have the chance to attend the event live, you can watch all of the action on ESL’s official Twitch channel. As you can expect, people who watch it online will have access to some of the most popular Broadcast talent.

The English panel will include familiar faces like Lacoste, SVG, ODPixel, syndareN, and loads of other popular names. They’ll make sure to provide you with top-quality commentary and analysis.


After sharing important information about the event, it’s time to focus on the participants. Even though we won’t be able to watch some of the biggest names in action, such as Team Spirit and PSG.LGD, ESL One Malaysia 2022 will still allow us to observe many top dogs.

Starting with one of the best in Western Europe, OG will have the chance to gain even more LAN experience before the most important tournament of the year. Although the young players have already proven themselves after winning ESL Stockholm, they don’t have much LAN experience. OG failed to win at PGL Arlington Major 2022, but the team did well. It’s no wonder so many people consider them one of the best.

We’ll keep an eye on the next big Western European team Nigma Galaxy. Even though the team had to play in Division II, this team will always be one of the opponents others must be aware of. Kuro and the rest added SumaiL to the roster makes Nigma incredibly dangerous.

We must mention Team Aster as a team with what it takes to win ESL One Malaysia 2022. In fact, this is probably the favorite here because the Chinese reached the LB finals of the second Major just a couple of days ago. Ori and the rest are among the best in the world and will try to prove this again.

Special mentions

Aside from the teams mentioned above, there are a couple of other big names we’d like to show you. They are slightly more interesting than the rest because we haven’t had the chance to see them in action in some time.

Team Secret

Ah yes, the infamous Team Secret, one of the teams that usually dominates everything before The International. Although Puppey and his crew are consistently among the favorites, they haven’t met fans’ expectations.

Following the inconsistent results during Tour 2, Team Secret struggled in Tour 3. Even though there was a glimmer of hope because the team got the chance to qualify for the Major, it failed to defeat Entity. Hence, Puppey missed out on the second Major.

The good news about the WEU powerhouse is that the team added Reso to its roster. The latter has a lot of big stage experience and can help the team achieve good results.


Many of you might be puzzled as to why this team received a direct invitation, considering their most recent results. To be honest, we don’t really have the answer, but Nikobaby and his crew will have to chance to prove to fans that their most recent results don’t represent the team’s current state.

After Alliance’s dreadful results in Division I, the team made some changes. That said, we’re yet to see the new roster in action.


People who watched the PGL Arlington Major 2022 will probably be impressed with Fnatic — the team did pretty well. In fact, it got just enough points to receive the last TI invite, which means we will see Raven and the rest in Singapore.

The team played the Major with a couple of substitutes, which affected their result. Surprisingly, Timado, Bryle, and Dubu helped the team get out of the Group Stage. Even though they lost their matches against Aster and BC, Fnatic managed to hold on to the 12th spot.

You won’t want to miss out on this event because it will be epic. ESL One Malaysia 2022 starts on 23 August and will run for five days.

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