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The LEC Spring 2022 started early this year, and we’ve seen a clear understanding of the Meta, at least everything until week 5.

All data and statistics used accurate as of Week 5

We will be taking a look at:

  • The most picked and banned champions,
  • the champions with the most wins,
  • the most picked and banned champions for each role, and
  • The most banned role

throughout the 5 weeks of games so far.

Champion Picks and Bans

The Most Banned Champion: Twisted Fate - 46/55

Twisted Fate has been actively banned the most amount of times; having been banned 46 times (83.64%) throughout the 5 weeks. This is not the result of focus banning a specific player’s special pick. Twisted Fate has been banned in basically every game, no matter what teams are playing, or who’s playing him. We can see that Twisted Fate is a champion that the LEC doesn’t wanna deal with, and barely even consider leaving open to pick.

To put these stats into perspective, this means that out of the 55 games that have been played in the LEC Spring Split so far, Twisted Fate has been either picked or banned in 96.4% of those games. A whopping 53 out of 55 games where Twisted Fate was part of the Pick and Ban.

And out of the 7 times that TF has been picked, he has a 71.4% Winrate with a

5W - 2L record. Not a lot of showtime in the LEC, a great contrast to the most picked Champion currently, which you can find out below.

Twisted Fate is played as a Midlaner.

Runner up: Caitlyn

Caitlyn is the next most banned champion, having been banned 42 times (76.36%). She has been part of Pick and Ban 48 times (83.63%), having been picked 6 times (10.90%) out of 55 games.

Caitlyn is played as a Botlaner/ADC.

The Most Picked Champion: Jinx - 34/55

On the other side of the stat sheet, the most picked champion in the LEC so far is the ADC Jinx. She has been picked in 34 games (61.82%) and banned in 11 games (20%). She has been picked or banned for a total of 45 out of 55 games. An 81.8% Pick and Ban rate.

Out of the 34 games she was played in, 19 of those games were won, while 15 were lost. This is an impressive 55.9% Winrate despite being the most picked champion as it stands. This can suggest a correlation on why Jinx has been the most picked/left open champion in the spring split so far.

The teams that have been most effective with Jinx are:

  • G2: 4W-0L (100% Winrate) played by Flakked
  • Rogue: 4W-1L (80% Winrate) played by Comp
  • Misfits Gaming: 4W-2L (66.67% Winrate) played by Neon

Jinx is played as an ADC / Botlaner

Runner up: Xin Zhao

Xin Zhao is the next most picked champion so far, with 30 games or a 54.55% Pick rate. He has also been banned 13 times (23.64%), even more times than Jinx was. This gives Xin Zhao a 78.2% Pick and Bane rate.

Xin Zhao has a 56.7% Winrate with a 17W-13L record, again higher than Jinx.

The teams that have been the most effective with Xin Zhao are

  • Fnatic: 3W - 0L (100% Winrate) played by Razork
  • G2: 3W - 0L (100% Winrate) played by Jankos
  • Excel Esports: 4W - 2L (66.67% Winrate) played by Markoon

Xin Zhao is played as a Jungler.

Highest Winrate Champion (Minimum 28 Games): Jinx - 55.9%

The “minimum of 28 games” is obtained by computing 51% of the total games played so far (55), to make sure the champion had been played in a significant amount of games.

As mentioned previously, Jinx has a 55.9% Winrate (19) out of 34 games played, which is the most wins a champion currently has in the Spring Split. This also makes Jinx the record holder champion in the LEC Spring Split as of week 5

Lowest Winrate Champion (Minimum 5 Games): Yuumi - 0%

Yuumi is the only champion with a minimum of 5 games and a 0% Winrate so far. Despite this, she has actually been banned 11 times, or a 20% Ban rate throughout 55 games, even with a 0% Winrate.

Yuumi has been picked by:

  • G2: 0W-1L played by Targamas
  • MAD Lions: 0W-1L played by Kaiser
  • Misfits Gaming: 0W-2L played by Mersa
  • Team BDS: 0W-1L played by LIMIT

Yuumi is played as a Support.

Pick and Bans for each role

Top Lane

  • Most Picked: Jayce - 17/55 Games (30.9%)
  • Most Banned: Jayce - 26/55 Games (42.27%)

Jayce is both the most picked and most banned Toplaner so far throughout the split. He has been picked or banned a total of 43 times.

Mid Lane

  • Most Picked: Viktor - 16/55 Games (29.1%)
  • Most Banned: Twisted Fate - 46/55 (83.64%)

Viktor tops the list as the most picked Midlaner, with a 29.1% pick rate out of all the games played so far.

And as mentioned previously, Twisted Fate is both the most banned Midlaner and the most banned champion in the split as of the latest match.


  • Most Picked: Jinx - 34/55 (61.82%)
  • Most Banned: Caitlyn - 42/55 (76.36%)

Jinx shows up again as the most picked ADC, while her fellow Arcane co-star had topped the list of most banned ADC.

Caitlyn has only been played in 6 games so far, with a 50% Winrate 3W-3L record, yet she has been banned over 42 times. Only a 4 ban difference from Twisted Fate’s 46 bans.


  • Most Picked: Leona - 18/55 (32.73%)
  • Most Banned: Thresh - 31/55 (56.36%)

Leona boasts the top support pick rate while Thresh boasts his being banned nearly 57% of the time. Despite being the top-picked support, Leona has only been picked 18 times, while Thresh has been picked 17 times. This shows how persistent Thresh has been in the meta with both a high pick and a high ban rate.


  • Most Picked: Xin Zhao - 30/55 (54.55%)
  • Most Banned: Diana - 23/55 (41.82%)

Xin Zhao as mentioned previously is the second most picked champion, with 30 games played. A large difference with his counterpart in Diana, who had been banned 23 times, and only been picked 8 times.

The Most Banned Role: Mid Lane

Mid Lane is not the most banned role off of Twisted Fate’s stats alone. The third and sixth most banned champions throughout the first 5 weeks are also Midlaners.

Right on top with TF is LeBlanc, who had been banned in 32 games, and picked in 10. A 51.18% Ban rate throughout the 55 games, and a 76.36 Pick and Ban rate.

While closely under LeBlanc is Corki, who is played in both the Mid Lane and the Bot Lane. Corki has been banned a total of 25 times, which puts him at a 45.45% Ban rate.

All three of these champions are some of the most banned throughout the split so far, and it’s clear that Midlaners have been a big focus in the Pick and Bans of the LEC Spring Split.

LEC Spring Split Rankings as of Week 5

  1. Rogue (9-2)
  2. G2 Esports (8-3)
  3. Fnatic (8-3)
  4. Misfits Gaming (7-4)
  5. Excel Esports (6-5)
  6. MAD Lions (5-6)
  7. Team Vitality (5-6)
  8. Team BDS (3-8)
  9. SK Gaming (3-8)
  10. Astralis (1-10)

Catch the action live at the official LEC Twitch Channel.

Imagery via Riot Games

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