The Most Memorable Dota 2 Matches of 2022

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We are just weeks away from 2023 and a couple of weeks until the start of the 2022/2023 DPC. The roster changes after The International 11 revealed that we would have an exciting DPC to watch. Some teams experienced many changes, whereas others only had several new names on their roster.

Speaking of teams and rosters, one of the things we’d like to share with you is a list of the most memorable Dota 2 matches of 2022. There were tons of epic events and games, meaning it is tough to point out a few that stood out. However, we’ve decided to share a couple of options that we thought were worth it.

The International 11 final - Game 3

It shouldn’t be surprising that one of the matches we had to include on the list was the final of The International 11. This Dota 2 event took place around two months ago and included the best in the world. Even though there were many epic games, the Grand Final is always special.

Speaking of the final, game three between Tundra Esports and Team Secret will be remembered because the TI champs picked Medusa. This was a hero they hadn’t used before, which is another reason Tundra was on another level. After all, there aren’t that many teams that would experiment during a TI final.

Tundra Esports had hardly any problems in terms of the match itself, similar to the situation in the previous two maps. Secret tried to keep up with their WEU counterparts, but Ember and Naga weren’t powerful enough to stop Medusa. In the end, the hard carry became unkillable and gave his team victory.

The International 11 - Team Liquid vs. Thunder Awaken Game 1

As mentioned above, The International 11 allowed us to watch some of the best Dota 2 games in years. Almost every series was fun and had something to offer, but there is one outside the Grand Finals that people will remember; it has to be the clash between Team Liquid and Thunder Awaken.

These two teams gave everything they had to win. Even though the WEU squad won the series after defeating the South Americans in Games 2 and 3, this victory wasn’t easy because they lost Game 1.

Speaking of the devil, the first map between the two is something that people will remember. Thunder Awaken had a good start, which was good news for their draft because it could snowball. Of course, Liquid wouldn’t go down without a fight, so we had tons of epic fights. For example, the one that took place 33 minutes after the start started well for TA, but Liquid somehow bounced back and won.

After several other fights, Liquid eventually got Mega Creeps, and everyone thought this would be the end. However, the South American team won a crucial fight and pushed into the mid-lane to destroy their throne and get the lead in the series.

Stockholm Major 2022 - Fnatic vs OG - Game 3

The Stockholm Major was OG’s first big event of 2022 and the first real test for the new lineup. Following their significant roster changes in late 2021, OG’s new lineup was more motivated than ever to win a big LAN event. Luckily, ESL One Stockholm 2022 allowed them to do that, but the victory didn’t come easy.

OG had to go up against Fnatic in the Elimination Round 2. After the team had exchanged one win in the previous two games, it was time for the third decisive map. Even though most fans expected this game to be even, Fnatic crushed their opponents early on. In fact, the team had a jaw-dropping 16-1 kills advantage just 15 minutes after the start.

Things became even more complicated for OG because Fnatic was in control for the next 25 minutes. The team had a massive 13k net worth lead and a 30-6 kill advantage 40 minutes after the start. Everything went well until a messy team near the 47th minute when OG killed Fnatic’s CK.

Following his death, OG slowly recovered and got Roshan a couple of minutes later. Suddenly, Fnatic had no way of dealing with Yuragi’s Morphling and Taiga’s Enigma. With more than a 22 net worth advantage 56 minutes after the start, OG defeated their opponents and continued their quest to win the event.

PGL Arlington Major 2022 - Team Spirit vs. PSG.LGD - Grand Final

People who’ve been following the professional Dota 2 scene know that the PGL Arlington Major 2022 was the last big event before The International 11. After several epic matches, Team Spirit and PSG.LGD reached the Grand Final. Besides the fact that they were among the best in the world, they met just a few days prior in Riyadh, and the Chinese won. Of course, Spirit and LGD also played in the TI 10’s Grand Final.

Even though the second game was slightly more interesting than the first one, we’ve decided to include the entire final because it was epic. The first map went in favor of the Chinese after they picked some o the best heroes during that meta. Puck, Pudge, and Chen were incredibly strong and didn’t allow Spirit’s Enigma and PL combo to do anything.

The second game of the series was epic and will go down in history as one of the longest and most exciting matches in Dota 2. We had the chance to watch a 75-minute death match in which both teams gave everything they got. Although LGD was in the driving seat, the team made many mistakes that cost them the victory.

Unsurprisingly, recovering after almost an hour and a half loss is easier said than done. PSG.LGD tried their best, but Spirit was more motivated to win the final game of the match. Although they had to bounce back, Yatoro and the rest eventually won and secured the last Major of the DPC.

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