TNC Predator forced Asta丶to to apologize but did not directly admit fraud

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Published  24 Aug, 16:13
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Southeast Asian multi-gaming organization TNC Predator intervened in the scandal, which included accusations of his new Dota 2 carry, Philip Joshua "Asta丶" Torres, cheating with Steam accounts.

"The moment that the issue came to our attention, we talked to Asta to confirm the whole story. Then, we reached out to the involved party to get his side and help them reach an agreement to resolve the issue. As of the moment, things have been settled with Asta paying an agreed amount, and he has issued a public apology through his social media account," as noted in the TNC Predator statement.

The organization said it does not encourage questionable practices. However, the incident was not directly called a fraud, scam, or anything like that.

After adding Asta丶to TNC Predator, multiple accusations of the player appeared on Reddit that he allegedly sold Steam accounts and restored access to them by changing the passwords. However, the allegations were either unsubstantiated or lacked evidence.