TOP-5 Valorant Agents for Beginners

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This article focuses on the TOP-5 Valorant Agents. In's opinion, these are the easiest to master for any newcomer.


A very important agent such as Sage begins this list. In any team, at any rating, she is never superfluous. Firstly, she is a very important agent for any team and should never be wasted, even if the player is a complete novice; it is easy to understand when to use Sage's abilities and, most importantly, not to waste them, something that all newcomers to Valorant are known for.

Sage is a Sentinel and so she's very good at holding enemies back in the corridors leading to the bomb site, forcing them to spend extra time and resources trying to get in or moving to another site, which takes even more time. To get the most out of the team, don't rely on Sage for a large number of kills, but use her to stay alive and heal your teammates.


  • Barrier Orb - this basic ability is used for defensive purposes, creating an impenetrable wall.
  • Slow Orb - a basic ability that allows the player to throw an orb into the enemy's lair, slowing their movement speed to a minimum.
  • Healing Orb - a signature ability that can be used on an injured teammate to gradually restore their health. Can also be used as a self-heal.
  • Resurrection. - this is an ultimate ability that allows Sage to resurrect a dead ally, restoring them to 100% health.


Phoenix is one of the coolest agents in Valorant. He has everything you need for a real game. His abilities are incredibly easy to use, and it's possible to understand the way they work in about ten minutes.

Phoenix is a Duelist in the game. In other words, he has the opportunity to fast pushing, which is one of the main goals for beginners. One of the abilities allows the player to blind enemies, but it is important to practice this first to avoid blinding yourself or your allies. This agent is a good choice for solo play.


  • Curveball - a basic ability that allows Phoenix to throw a fireball that detonates shortly after being thrown, blinding all enemies facing the orb when it explodes.
  • Hot Hands - this is a signature ability that Phoenix uses to throw a fireball that can set the ground on fire, dealing damage to all players in the area.
  • Blaze - a basic ability that creates a fire wall that obscures vision and deals damage to players walking through it.
  • Run It Back -an Ultimate ability that teleports Phoenix back to where the ability was activated at the end of its duration (10 seconds), even if the player was killed during the effect.


Reyna is another great agent who is extremely persistent due to her powerful but simple abilities. For example, unlike Phoenix, she doesn't need to aim her flashes, and they don't blind allies, which is a huge bonus. Just throw it in the air or over a wall and it will blind any enemies looking at it.

Reina is considered to be a super strong character, very easy to learn, and incredibly useful to the team, making her probably the most recommended agent for beginners.


  • Leer - a basic ability that allows Reyna to eject her eye, cutting off the enemy's line of sight.
  • Devour - a signature ability that allows the player to increase his HP by taking an enemy's Soul Orb.
  • Dismiss - by using this skill, Reyna absorbs a nearby orb and gains intangible for two seconds. If the Ultimate ability is used with this skill, she also gains invisibility.
  • Empress - an Ultimate that greatly increases your rate of fire, equip and reload speed. If you score a kill while using this ability, the duration will be increased significantly.


Brimstone is an important agent in the game because he has “Sky Smoke” ability and it is very difficult to win without it in most cases. In addition, he has one of the coolest ultimate abilities and a beacon that increases his and the rest of the team in the area's reload and firing speeds.

When playing as Brimstone it's important to understand how to throw Smokes, and it's worth remembering that the tablet makes a distinctive sound before throwing a Smoke that can give the player away to the enemy.


  • Incendiary - a basic ability that creates a burning area by exploding a thrown grenade, damaging players within it.
  • Sky Smoke - a special ability that allows you to create a screen of smoke anywhere on the map.
  • Stim Beacon - a common ability that emits a beacon that increases the firing rate of players in the area.
  • Orbital Strike - an Ultimate that causes an orbital strike laser in a selected area, dealing high periodic damage to players in that area.


Omen - the Controller, which is considered by many players to be the easiest of his class to master. He has Blind and Smoke abilities and can even teleport to different locations on the map. Omen is easy to control, and he is a great agent for beginners to master the more tactical side of the Valorant game.


  • Dark Cover - Omen casts a sphere of shadow that expands at a selected point, limiting the visibility of enemy players.
  • Paranoia - discharges a shadow charge in front of Omen that will blind the players it touches for a short time. The shadow charge will pass through any obstacles.
  • Shrouded Step - a basic channeling teleport over a short distance to a chosen location.
  • From The Shadows - an Ultimate ability that can be charged by killing enemies or collecting orbs from the ground on the map. When fully charged, Omen can choose any location to teleport, after which he will appear as a Shade that can be destroyed by enemies to cancel Omen's teleportation.


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