torzsi on AWPing under dexter: "How we played wasn't natural for me"

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    Adam "torzsi" Torzsas was heavily criticised for his performances on MOUZ while playing under Christopher "dexter" Nong. Now reunited with his former MOUZ NXT captain Kamil "siuhy" Szkaradek, the AWPer has impressed thus far with his performances at IEM Cologne 2023.

    After MOUZ were eliminated by Astralis, we got the chance to talk to torzsi about the new lineups first couple of weeks together, the difference between playing under siuhy and dexter, and the optimum playstyle for him.

    Sam "AN1MO" McKenzie, BLIX: A tough loss with you guys being eliminated by Astralis, how are you feeling straight afterwards?

    torzsi: I'm really disappointed and sad that we didn't make it to the arena because last year we made it, and it was probably the best experience and best crowd we've ever had, and missing out on the LANXESS is really painful. We just weren't good enough.

    BLIX: Do you think the tournament just came too early for the team? There was some good performances from the team despite this elimination.

    torzsi: Yeah, we had good games and beat NAVI and NIP 2-0, and we beat TheMongolz, who, even though they're TheMongolz, they were playing really good here. Those are good wins, you know? But I think Vitality and Astralis just crashed us, and the last two days weren't good at all in my opinion. I don't know what the exact problem was, but we just need to figure it out, and maybe it was just that it was too early. We need to work harder, smarter, and we just need to take lessons from this.

    BLIX: In that game, device played extremely well, and his record speaks for itself. For you, as a young AWPer, what's it like to play against people like him? Do you learn a lot?

    torzsi: Of course, device is the one of the most experienced players and one of the best AWPers out there. It's always nice to play against one of your idols. I remember when I was younger and watching him play on stages and winning events, it's always good to play against people like him.

    BLIX: Is device your idol and the player you've learned the most from then?

    torzsi: I would say FalleN is more my idol, but I also really like device and how he behaves outside of the server, how he does everything is really professional.

    BLIX: In terms of the event as a whole, it's been the first one with siuhy back as your IGL, how's that experience been?

    torzsi: I really enjoyed it actually, even if we didn't play well in the last two games. After the games, yesterday for example, we talked over them and we found out a lot of things that were bad, so it's just a learning curve again, you know? New team, new players, and we just have to figure out everything. It's been going good, it's fun, I enjoy playing with him.

    BLIX: There's been a lot of narrative around you not performing as well under dexter and the hope that you would perform better under siuhy, what's your take on it?

    torzsi: [laughs] It's a good question... obviously, it's not just dexter's fault. I think I also played a big role, probably a bigger one than dexter, but the system just wasn't fitting me and how we played wasn't natural for me, I didn't find myself and that's why I was struggling a lot. Already at this event I think it was better, I felt better both as a person and in-game, maybe I didn't really show it, but I had some good games that I'm proud of and I need to work on it and talk with siuhy about how I play different maps. We're still learning, we didn't really have a lot of time to practice, two weeks maybe, so we're getting there.

    The arrival of siuhy to MOUZ should help torzsi find his best form. Credit: Stephanie Lindgren/BLAST The arrival of siuhy to MOUZ should help torzsi find his best form. Credit: Stephanie Lindgren/BLAST

    BLIX: In terms of the system then, why didn't dexter's system fit you? What do you need to perform the best?

    torzsi: I prefer when I can go aggressive and search a lot, and in the last team, I felt I was more of a supportive AWPer. I was trying my best, but it wasn't fitting me and it showed. I knew I had to do it, and of course I had some freedom from dexter, so we were trying to figure it out for both of us, but it just wasn't natural.

    BLIX: You guys are a very young team, frozen isn't even the oldest on the team but is the veteran in terms of maps played, do you view it to potentially be a disadvantage against some of the other teams?

    torzsi: Yeah, we probably do have some disadvantages, but we know that we're young and that we need to work on how we play and figure out that we need to keep calm, keep collected, the playstyle, and we are just trying out things. The most important thing is that we are really explosive, we are the youngest team in the top twenty or thirty, and we need to work a lot, but it's going in a good direction.

    BLIX: Do you think that the youth can also be an advantage because you've got the extra hunger having not won a big trophy yet?

    torzsi: As I said, we're the youngest team, and from this, it means that we're really hungry. Whether it means it's winning games, winning trophies, being hyped, we have every opportunity to win every game, we just need to control it first. I think we have a big advantage because of it, we just have to keep working on it.

    BLIX: This could be the last tournament in CS:GO, are you excited for the future? Are you worried about CS2?

    torzsi: I'm not really worried about it, I'm excited. In the beginning I didn't really like CS2, but with the new updates it's getting better and better. It will be a really nice game when they release it and I'm excited.

    BLIX: What's your thoughts on the AWP in CS2?

    torzsi: It's a little bit different, but I think every weapon is a little bit. They said the shooting is the same, and it kinda is, but it feels different. It's a really weird feeling, but I think when it releases, we just need to play it a lot. We can't focus on it right now because we need to play our tournaments, so we just have to wait.

    Sam "AN1MO" McKenzie

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