Sources: Teams in Valorant's Franchise League won't be allowed to field an academy team; FC Barcelona and Solary considering entering Valorant

Modified  19 Sep, 09:21
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According to close sources, teams selected for the VALORANT Partnership will not be allowed to have an academy in any regional league.

The reason for this decision is most likely because of the promotion system put in place. If an academy team for a team in the league were to be up for promotion, there would be two teams from the same organization in the franchise league, which would not fit Riot's plans.

This information was previously commented by Bodork and Lembo.

If confirmed, this would leave several spots in different ERLs free since, as we reported earlier, Riot would be securing at least one team from each major community so that all fans can identify with a team in the new franchise league.

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This would leave open the possibility for several teams to enter the Valorant scene. According to sources close to the situation, Solary is interested in competing in Valorant and has been in talks to enter the French league. Although they are currently focused on the League of Legends and Rocket League market, nothing is set in stone, and there is only interest for the moment.

The same would happen in other regional leagues, as is the case of the Spanish. Currently, several organizations are studying the Valorant market to find out the best way to enter to compete. Among these teams is FC Barcelona, who have held some talks about entering the competition.

Both teams are not confirmed as it is too early on. The teams selected for the Valorant Partnership Leagues have not yet been selected, so the question of which new teams will enter the regional leagues will have to wait.