How Much Time Have I Spent in Valorant?

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Valorant doesn't provide a time tracker, so players can't see their playtime and stats in the game.

The game is unavailable on Steam, but the stats problem remains and often worries players, as can be seen by the numerous questions on Redditsuch as this one. That's why we have written this guide for you so that you can see the amount of time spent in the game.

We have scrutinized the players' tips and found the Top services for tracking time in Valorant: Tracker.ggBlitz.ggDak.ggOverwolfand Spike Stats.


  • Detailed information on how to see time played on Valorant
  • TOP-5 third-party tools for Valorant time tracking

The developers of Valorant should have taken care of the built-in time tracker, which frustrated players. On Reddit, they even created a poll on whether to add a time tracker to the game. Nevertheless, there is a way out of the situation.

Players regularly discuss what else they can bring to Valorant to improve it. We collected a lot of information players provided and wrote an article about it: What Changes Does Valorant Need To Make To Become Better.

How to Check Your Total Playtime in Valorant

Some players have found a loophole to see the time, but it will only work if you have an AMD GPU. You can see the total time the program (Valorant) has been running. It's not the same as the time in the game, but close to it.

But in fact, the easiest and most common way is different.

You can use a third-party app like, where you have to enter your Riot ID or name badge to see your playing time. This tracker is the most popular, although we'll look at other options below.

  • Then, either create an account or log in to an existing account. Once you're in, it will ask you to link different game accounts. Several options include Riot GamesEpic GamesBattle.netUbisoftSteam, and more.
  • Log in using your Riot ID.

  • Once you have done this, you will be taken to the next page, where you will see all the player's stats.
  • Now click on any game mode (for example, Competitive) for which you want to check the hours.
  • Finally, select "Episode and Act" to check the hours for a specific season or "All Acts" to see the total number of hours in the game. | All Acts

  • Once you select the filters you want, you'll see the time in hours next to your overview and the number of matches played.

You can also check how much time you've spent playing with different agents. | Agents

  • Click on the "Agents" tab.
  • Select the game mode and the action for which you want to know the statistics.
  • You will now see all the Agents you have played with and the hours you have spent playing them in Valorant.

Best Third-Party Tools to Track Valorant Playtime

Third-party services provide a more personalized and comprehensive experience for monitoring and understanding gameplay. is one of the most popular services among players. But let's take a look at four more valuable services. is similar to the previous tracker. It calculates Agent stats to see which agents are the most effective for you. On the "Map" tab, you will find the maps of where you play most often. In addition, you can also get information about KDA ratewin percentage, and first blood frequency, which can help you decide which Agent to use. contains recommendations for each difficulty level so you can identify your weaknesses and find guidance to help you overcome them.

Some like the time tracker, but the app has less functionality than Blitz and Tracker.

However, the app can show your win percentageaverage damagekills, and other valuable stats.

You'll also find stats on Agent selection frequency, win percentagefirst blood percentage, and KDA percentage, but there's no section on strengths and weaknesses.

Dak is unique because it provides analytical data on the most successful Agent lineups in a given patch, and the data is updated daily.

We created an article on combining Agents and maps: Best VALORANT Agents For Each Map 2024.

Spike Stats

Spike Stats

Spike Stats is an unusual app installed on your phone rather than your computer. It is available for Android and iPhone and shows statistics comparable to the PC version.

Players can view their profilesmatch history and stats, and see performance averages and trends.



This is the quintessential Overwolf experience, as it integrates with, allowing you to get the best of both applications.

Overwolf has a nice feature that helps you determine your chances of winning in real-time. However, its functionality could be improved.

We won't describe all the stats options we discussed in previous apps because they're here, too. This app is a perfect choice for improving your game progress.


Can I See Playtime on My Valorant Account Directly?

Unfortunately, the game does not have a built-in time tracker, so you will need to use third-party services.

Which Tools Can Track Valorant Playtime Accurately?

The most comprehensive statistics is provided by the tool, Overwolf, are on par with it.

Why Should I Track My Gaming Hours in Valorant?

Tracking your time spent in Valorant and completing game statistics can lead to better results and an improved gaming experience. It is also just an exciting parameter for monitoring your time on the screen.

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