How To Play Controller Class in Valorant?

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The controller class agents' task is to use the map to their advantage in defense and attack. As this role is universal, it may suit new and seasoned players. For new players, we have an article on the TOP-5 Valorant Agents for Beginners. Those interested in experienced play should check out the TOP 10 Teams in Valorant at The Beginning of 2024. This text is narrowed to controller Agents, regardless of the player's experience. This is a challenging class.

Controllers, being a support, make life difficult for the enemy team and much easier for the allied team. That approach requires skill and comprehension. Below is an expanded guide on playing Controller agents in Valorant, detailing each agent's roles, specific strategies, and comprehensive tips.


  • Updated Controllers list
  • General description and advice.s for the controller role
  • Tips for each of the agents

List of Controller Agents

  • Astra
  • Brimstone
  • Omen
  • Viper
  • Harbor
  • Clove

Role Description of Controllers

Controllers are tacticians who excel in area denial and vision control, which is crucial for seizing and defending essential map areas. They are designed to support their team by creating safe passage and denying enemy movement with precision and strategic foresight. Some people on Reddit, though, consider the whole class overpowered - perhaps fair, check yourself.

Recommendations for Each Controller

Playing a Controller in Valorant requires a deep understanding of each agent's unique capabilities and how they can be optimized in various gameplay scenarios. Below are detailed strategies for mastering each Controller, tailored to their specific abilities.



Strategic Placement

Astra's abilities center around her Astral Form, where she can place stars across the map. These stars can be transformed into Nebula (smokes), Nova Pulse (concussion), or Gravity Well (pulls enemies). Position these stars at common entry points or plant sites to disrupt enemy advances or protect critical areas.

Reactive Utility

Use Astra's abilities reactively based on the enemy's movements. For instance, deploy a Gravity Well to interrupt a rush or a Nova Pulse to stun enemies as they gather to breach a site.

Ultimate Coordination

Astra's Cosmic Divide can split entire sites, creating barriers that block bullets and sounds. Use this during spike plants or retakes to give your team a massive strategic advantage. Coordinate with your team to exploit the silence behind the divide.



Smoke Precision

Brimstone's Sky Smokes are perfect for blocking vision across large areas. Learn the smoke lineups for each map to block critical sightlines effectively. This can enable safe plants or defuse scenarios.

Orbital Strike Targeting

Use Brimstone's Orbital Strike to clear out entrenched enemies or to deny bomb defuses. Timing this with your team's push can flush out enemies or secure kills during chaotic moments.

Area Denial

In post-plant situations, use your Incendiary to deny access to the spike, forcing enemies to wait out the fire or take damage, potentially stopping a defuse.



Dynamic Smokes

Omen's Dark Cover has a global range, allowing you to support your team from anywhere on the map. Practice smoke placements that can help in site control or post-plant defense.

Teleport Tactics

Use his Shrouded Step to reposition quickly, especially to unexpected locations that can give you an angle advantage. His ultimate, From the Shadows, can be used for gathering information or for risky flanks that can break enemy lines.

Ultimate Deception

From the Shadows can also be a decoy, drawing enemy fire and attention away from your team's main push.



Vision Manipulation

Clove's ability to set smokes post-mortem means you can continue influencing the game after death. Place Ruse smokes in common choke points or critical defensive spots.

Decay and Disruption

Use Meddle to decay enemies caught within its range, effectively softening targets for your teammates to finish off.

Resurrection Strategy

Clove's ultimate, Not Dead Yet, allows for a temporary resurrection. Use this to surprise enemies by returning to the fight, ideally in situations where you can secure a kill to prolong your second life.



Toxic Screens

Deploy Viper's Toxic Screen to cut through sites, effectively splitting enemy lines and providing cover as your team moves. The screen can be activated and deactivated, making her gas management crucial.

Poison Cloud Control

Use her Poison Cloud for area denial or to create safe pockets for planting or defusing the spike. Keeping an eye on her toxin levels to ensure you don't run out at critical moments is vital.

Ultimate Zone Defense

Viper's Pit creates a massive toxic cloud perfect for controlling a planted spike. Position yourself within the cloud to maximize her decay effect on enemies.



Water-Based Tactics

Harbor's abilities revolve around water, which can slow and obscure enemies. His Cascade can create a moving wave that blocks vision, and his High Tide floods an area, altering enemy movement.

Ultimate Pushes

Use his Reckoning (ultimate) to flood a large area, disrupting enemy positions and making it harder for them to aim and move. This is ideal for initiating or defending a site take.

Tips for Playing Controller Agents

Map Mastery and Utility Lineups

Learn Key Lineups

Every map has critical spots for placing smokes, mollys, or other utilities. Invest time learning these lineups to ensure you can put them accurately, even under pressure. Websites and community resources like YouTube channels dedicated to Valorant can be invaluable for understanding these.

Adjust Based on Team Composition

Your utility placement should vary depending on your team's and the enemy's composition. Adapt your smoke and zone control placements to counter enemy strategies or bolster your team's weaknesses.

Timing and Conservation of Abilities

Resource Management

Controllers must manage their abilities carefully, as running out at a critical moment can jeopardize the round. Keep track of your utility and ensure you have enough for crucial moments, especially during late-round scenarios.

Strategic Deployment

Deploy your utility in response to enemy actions or planned team strategies. For example, delay deploying smokes until your team is ready to execute a site take or to counter an enemy push.

Positioning and Survival

Safe Play Areas

As a Controller, a player's survival is often more crucial than securing kills. Position yourself in areas where you can use your abilities effectively without exposing yourself to unnecessary risk.

Escape Routes

Always have an exit strategy when playing in advanced positions. Knowing the map well can help you find quick escape routes under pressure.

Communication and Team Coordination

Clear Communication

Always inform your team of your plans with your abilities. For example, announcing when and where you will smoke can help your team prepare to move or hold positions.

Coordinate with Teammates

Work closely with your teammates to combine your abilities for maximum effect. For instance, coordinate your smokes with the Duelists' entries or set up crossfires in areas you have denied enemy vision.

Adapting to Opponents

Read the Enemy

Pay attention to how your opponents play and adapt your utility usage accordingly. If the enemy frequently rushes a particular site, prepare your most impactful abilities to counter these rushes.

Counter-Play Strategies

Use your utility to disrupt enemy strategies. For example, if an enemy sniper is holding a long angle, use smokes or other vision-blocking abilities to force them to reposition.

Practice and Review

Regular Practice

The more you play a Controller, the better you'll understand the nuances of each ability. Use practice modes to refine your skill and timing.

Review Your Games

Watch replays of your matches to identify what worked and what didn't. This can help you improve your decision-making and ability usage in future games.

Utilizing Environmental Advantages

Take Advantage of the Terrain

Use the map's terrain to enhance the effectiveness of your abilities. For instance, placing smoke on elevated surfaces can provide broader coverage and disruption.

Environmental Awareness

Know how your abilities interact with different map features. Some abilities can be more or less effective depending on where they are deployed.

Reddit users additionally collect advice on being a controller. You may find something useful there.


When dealing with Controllers in Valorant, adjust your approach based on the team. Ally Controller? Communicate and coordinate to maximize effectiveness. Enemy Controller? Be aware and adaptable and find ways to counteract their push. Utilize abilities that clear or bypass enemy utilities. Be proactive and reactive to diminish their impact.

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