How To Play Sentinels in Valorant?

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In Valorant, mastering the Sentinel role can significantly enhance your team's defensive and offensive capabilities. Sentinels are the strategic anchors in the game, specializing in area control, enemy surveillance, and team support through their unique abilities. In addition, that class may benefit most if the player has adjusted his or her crosshair. We have a special article: Valorant Crosshair Guide: Pro Configs, Best Settings, Types.

Now, this guide offers an in-depth look at each Sentinel Agents — Chamber, Cypher, Killjoy, Sage, and Deadlock — providing tailored recommendations for maximizing their potential in various game situations.

Additionally, we include comprehensive strategies and tips to help you leverage these Agents effectively, ensuring you maintain control of the battlefield and lead your team to victory. Together with the knowledge of proper maps for each Agent these tips could be priceless.

Whether you're holding down a site or gathering critical game information, understanding how to optimize the use of Sentinel Agents is vital in dominating Valorant.


  • Sentinels Agents list
  • Tips for playing every sentinel Agent
  • Description of sentinel role and advice to play a sentinel

List of Sentinel Agents

  • Chamber
  • Cypher
  • Killjoy
  • Sage
  • Deadlock

Description of the Sentinel Role

Sentinels in Valorant are the backbone of the defense, tasked with securing sites and providing crucial support to their team. They excel in controlling the game's flow by setting traps, blocking pathways, and gathering intelligence. Their abilities are designed to fortify positions and prevent enemy advances, making them essential for a well-rounded team​.

Recommendations for Each Sentinel Agent



Offense: Chamber is highly effective in aggressive plays due to his unique weaponry. Use his Trademark teleportation for fast positioning and repositioning, making it hard for enemies to pin you down. His Headhunter pistol is perfect for eco rounds, providing high accuracy and damage without the cost of a rifle.

Defense: set up Rendezvous anchors strategically to quickly rotate between sites. Utilize his Trademark traps to secure flanks and alert you of enemy approaches. Chamber's ability to hold long angles with his sniper should be used to control key sight lines, disrupting enemy plans before they can execute them​.

In any case, you may consult how to play Chamber ,say, on Reddit - there's tons of advice there.



Offense: deploy Cypher's Spycam in forward positions to gain visual intel on enemy positions, which is crucial for making informed attack decisions. His Trapwire can secure your team's flank when pushing into sites, preventing surprise attacks from the rear.

Defense: place Cypher's Trapwires across common entry points to alert and delay enemy pushes. His Cyber Cages provide temporary sight blockers to disorient attackers and protect defuse attempts. Use his Neural Theft ultimate wisely, revealing the location of remaining enemies after securing a kill to maximize the tactical advantage​.



Offense: use Killjoy's Turret to cover flanks or create a distraction while your team executes a site take. Her Alarmbot can be used to clear corners as it will seek out hidden enemies and debuff them, making them easier to eliminate.

Defense: place her Turret in positions that can oversee multiple angles and alert you to enemy movements. Killjoy's Nanoswarm grenades are perfect for denying enemy plants or defuse, as they can be activated remotely to deal significant damage to enemies in crucial areas. Her Lockdown ultimate can force enemies out of fortified positions, making it easier for your team to retake sites or prevent a plant​.



Offense: Sage's Barrier Orb can be used creatively on offense to block enemy sight lines or elevate positions unexpectedly. Use her Healing Orb strategically to keep critical players alive during site executions. Her Resurrection can be a game-changer, bringing back high-impact players during critical round moments.

Defense: Barrier Orb should delay enemy pushes and funnel them into choke points. Position her Slow Orbs to control the pace of the enemy advance, making them easy targets. Prioritize using Resurrection to maintain a numbers advantage during post-plant situations​.



Offense: use Deadlock's Gravnet to control space and prevent enemies from escaping key areas, such as site corners, during a push. Her Barrier Mesh can temporarily create new sight lines or block existing ones, providing your team with a strategic advantage during site takes.

Defense: deploy her Sonic Sensor to cover areas not actively guarded; its sound-trigger mechanism can alert you to sneaky enemy movements. The Barrier Mesh can also be used defensively to delay enemy entry and force them into unfavorable engagements. Her ultimate, though limited in targeting, can disrupt enemy positioning and provide crucial intel​.

General Tips for Playing Sentinel Agents

Strategic Positioning

Sentinels should prioritize positioning over mobility. Position yourself where your abilities can best delay enemy advances or protect critical map areas. Holding key choke points or site entrances can allow your abilities to maximize their impact and disrupt enemy strategies​.

Patience and Timing

Patience is vital when playing Sentinels. Resist the urge to reposition frequently. Instead, wait for the opportune moment to use your abilities, such as traps or surveillance tools, which can swing the momentum of a round in your team's favor. Timing your abilities to coincide with enemy pushes can waste their resources and force them into less favorable engagements​.

Economic Management

Since Sentinels rely heavily on their abilities for defense and control, managing your economy to ensure you have enough credits to buy essential equipment each round is crucial. Prioritize purchasing abilities over weapons if necessary, as your impact is often more about utility than firepower​.

Adaptation and Variation

Change your defensive setups regularly to keep the enemy guessing. If you use the same strategy repeatedly, opponents will learn and adapt, negating your advantage. By varying your placements and tactics, you can maintain the element of surprise and effectiveness of your defensive measures​.

Communication and Information Sharing

As a Sentinel, you are often in a prime position to gather crucial game information. Communicate constantly with your team about enemy movements and strategies you observe. Sharing this information can help your team make informed decisions and adjust their play accordingly​.

Leveraging Abilities for Team Advantage

Use your abilities not just for direct defense but to create advantages for your team. For example, blocking a common entry point can funnel enemies into a trap or an area where your teammates are better positioned to engage them. Think of your role as protector and strategist, guiding the game's flow through your battlefield control​​.

Practice and Mastery

To become a skilled player in Sentinel, you must practice mastering each ability. Learn the best spots for placement and timing of each ability for maximum effect. Additionally, learn how to combine your abilities with those of your teammates. It's essential to master your agent's toolkit to maximize your effectiveness in the role.


Dealing with Sentinels in Valorant requires strategic thinking and adaptability. When facing them, anticipate their defensive setups and disrupt their strategies. When Sentinels are on your side, leverage their abilities to control critical areas and gather information. Understanding and adapting to the unique dynamics Sentinels bring to the team composition will enhance your overall gameplay strategy.

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