How To Play Valorant in Low End PC

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In today's world, not everyone has a powerful and advanced computer. But you don't need it to play Valorant, as it offers optimized performance and powerful anti-cheat protection, even on low-performance computers.

These PC tweaks will help players who don't have the latest hardware maximize their system performance and play with acceptable graphics quality.


  • Information on how to improve PC performance to ensure smooth gameplay and maximum FPS
  • Valorant settings for weak PCs

General Settings Valorant for Low End PCs

First, let's deal with the General Settings.

Set the display mode to Full Screen. The resolution should be lower than the standard resolution - for example, 1280x720. Disable all FPS limitation options. The game may look unfamiliar, but the skins are immediately more pleasing to the eye!

In addition, the player should select the low-quality option for materials, textures, details, and UI.Disable vignette and VSync. Remove Anti-Aliasing.

Set Anisotropic Filtering to 1x. The player must also turn off Clarity Enhancement, Experimental Sharpening, Bloom, Distortion, and Shadows.

Pay special attention to the statistics settings. It won't affect the FPS much but will help you monitor your PC's performance while playing.

Set the following settings:

  • Client FPS: Text Only
  • Server Tick Rate: Text Only
  • All Other Options: Hide

Update Drivers

Update game and video drivers - this action will improve things considerably. The latest versions of video drivers often fix bugs and improve game performance. Suppose the problem is solved - great. If not, move on to the next point.

Select High-Performance Mode

1. Press the Windows key and the R key;

2. Type the command powercfg.cpl and click Run;

3. Click the drop-down list icon next to "Show Advanced Options";

4. Select the "High Performance" mode;

5. Reboot a computer.

Running Programs

Remember the task manager, which shows the processes running in the background, consuming RAM. They all need to be closed! You can run the Task Manager using the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+Alt+Del or Ctrl+Shift+Esc.

Autoload in the system must also be disabled. Otherwise, a player will regularly have to close autoloading applications. In the task manager, it is necessary to set the game to a high priority so that maximum RAM is allocated.

Hard Drive

Clean not only the computer's memory but also the player needs to clean the hard disk. Try to remove all unused programs and clear the cache.

Ensure the computer is always running on power - a laptop running on battery will be much worse at handling the game.

Graphics Settings

Graphics settings are not always lined up correctly, so they need to be adjusted to increase FPS. All settings primarily depend on the graphics card's power, so it is necessary to consider this.

To adjust the graphics, go to "Settings," select "Video," then "Graphics Quality."

Recommended game settings:

Material Quality: Low

Texture Quality: Low

Detail Quality: Low

UI Quality: Low

Vignette: Off

VSync: Off

Anti-Aliasing: None

Anisotropic Filtering: 1x

Improve Clarity: Off

Experimental Sharpening: Off

Bloom: Off

Distortion: Off

Shadows: Off

These are the minimum settings. If the problem is solved, the player can adjust each parameter separately to find a balance between image quality and performance.

It is also possible to set the FPS Limit by going to "Video" and then "General". There are four options for limiting FPS here. Valorant may not look its best at these settings, but you'll get a noticeable boost.

Installing Performance-Boosting Software

Performance software is an underrated way to improve your gaming experience. Optimizer programs include Avast Clean Up, Razer's Game Booster, and Iolo's System Mechanic. Try to install them on your computer.

These services will help you clean your computer, delete unnecessary files, and optimize memory.


Keep an eye on the game settings and change them if necessary. Please don't force your computer to work at its limits by selecting graphics settings that are too high.

Also, if you have the Windows operating system, you can activate game mode by entering the settings. Game mode allows you to increase the memory available for playing the game while playing.

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