Valorant 8.07 Patch Notes Review

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Valorant's 8.07 patch, marking one of the final updates for Episode 8 Act II, introduces several significant changes and fixes. The patch features a major enhancement to Omen, a series of bug fixes for the newly introduced agent Clove, and audio improvements for several weapon skins. We've written an article about the changes that Valorant needs. Here is the inspection of the changes that were made.


  • Short outline of the whole release overview
  • Recap of changes in every adjacent chapter
  • Agent, gameplay, audio, and visual fixes


Valorant's Patch 8.07 improves the gameplay mechanics, agents, audio, and visual components. The patch significantly enhances Omen's ultimate ability, allowing him to interact with critical game elements. Several bug fixes and hitbox adjustments have also been made for the newly introduced agent, Clove. The update addresses various audio bugs affecting weapon skins and includes an audio configuration update to standardize audio output. A visual update to interaction prompts improves their accessibility and legibility. Overall, Patch 8.07 aims to create a fair and enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

Agent Enhancements

Omen's Strategic Upgrade


Valorant Patch 8.07 significantly enhances Omen's utility and flexibility in matches with a substantial buff to his ultimate ability, "From the Shadows." Previously, using this ability required Omen to remain somewhat passive, focusing primarily on teleportation. Now, he can interact with critical game elements such as the Spike and doors without canceling his ultimate. This change allows Omen to be more dynamic during crucial moments, such as spike retrievals or strategic repositioning during post-plant scenarios, increasing his tactical value on the battlefield​.

Clove's Comprehensive Fixes

Clove, introduced in patch 8.05, encountered several issues that impacted gameplay, prompting a temporary disablement. Patch 8.07 addresses these with numerous fixes aimed at stabilizing her performance and fixes several bugs:

Corpse Behavior: Clove's model previously remained upright after death, which could mislead players during fast-paced encounters. This has now been fixed, potentially eliminating confusion during critical gameplay moments​.

Not Dead Yet (X)

This ultimate ability had issues with not progressing related missions and sometimes caused her to respawn without her primary weapon, dramatically impacting her and her team's performance in subsequent rounds. These issues have been resolved, ensuring that Clove can reliably contribute to her team's efforts​.

Hitbox Adjustments

Clove's hitboxes, especially when using abilities like Ruse (E), showed inconsistencies when aiming or crouching, which could unfairly penalize players during shootouts. Adjustments have been made to align her hitboxes more accurately with her model's actions, improving combat fairness​​.


Audio and Visual Fixes

The latest patch addresses various audio issues affecting the player experience in Valorant, particularly concerning weapon skins. These enhancements focus on rectifying audio inconsistencies and bugs reported by players, which disrupted the game's immersive quality.

Weapon Skin Audio Fixes

Prior patches introduced unintended audio anomalies for several high-profile weapon skins.

Glitchpop Classic

Prime Classic

Cryostasis Classic

These issues varied from incorrect audio cues to missing sound effects, which could significantly alter the gameplay experience as players rely heavily on sound for situational awareness. The patch corrects these errors, ensuring that each weapon skin functions with the intended audio clarity and accuracy, restoring player confidence in the game's audio integrity​.

Audio Configuration Adjustments

Some players experienced different audio outputs, traced back to the configuration settings in Valorant interacting with specific hardware setups, particularly USB headphones recognized as surround sound devices. The patch includes an update that helps standardize audio output by advising players on adjusting their speaker configurations within the game. This adjustment ensures consistent audio performance across various hardware setups, minimizing discrepancies that could affect gameplay fairness and enjoyment​.

Visual Improvements

Valorant 8.07 screenshot

In addition to audio fixes, Patch 8.07 makes significant strides in enhancing the visual aspects of the game, mainly focusing on user interface elements that impact gameplay directly.

Interaction Prompts Update

This patch includes a critical visual update that improves interaction prompts within the game. These prompts, which appear when players interact with objects in the game world, have been updated to offer better contrast and simplified text. This change is designed to make these prompts more accessible and easier to read, reducing cognitive load and allowing players to make quicker, more informed decisions during high-stress moments​.

Accessibility Enhancements

These changes are part of a broader initiative to make Valorant more accessible to a wider audience, including players with visual impairments who might find it challenging to discern subtle text or interface elements in the heat of action. By improving the legibility of interaction prompts, Riot Games demonstrates a commitment to inclusivity, ensuring all players can enjoy Valorant under equal conditions.

Gameplay Adjustments

New 8.07 icons

Consistency in Flash Effects

One of the notable gameplay adjustments in Patch 8.07 is the improvement in the consistency of flash effects across different latency conditions. Flashes are crucial tactical tools in Valorant, used to disorient opponents and gain the upper hand in engagements. Before this update, players with varying network speeds might experience inconsistent effects from flash grenades, which could lead to unfair advantages or disadvantages.

The update ensures that all players see the impact of flash grenades similarly, regardless of their internet connection speeds. This change is particularly significant in maintaining the game's competitive fairness, ensuring that gameplay outcomes rely more on skill and less on technical disparities​.

Radio Commands Menu Fix

Another vital gameplay system update involves the Radio Commands Menu. Previously, there was an issue where binding this menu to number keys could conflict with other in-game actions, such as using abilities or items bound to these keys. This could lead to frustrating gameplay experiences where players might unintentionally trigger the wrong actions. The patch addresses this by resolving the keybinding conflicts, allowing for a smoother interface interaction and ensuring players communicate effectively without disrupting their gameplay mechanics​.

Premier Mode Adjustments

The patch also includes crucial Premier mode fixes for more competitive play settings. One such fix is adjusting how ties are broken in the standings, ensuring a more transparent and precise ranking system. Additionally, there was an issue with the display size of player statuses in the roster list needing to be bigger, which could hinder communication and strategic planning during matches. The update has corrected this, making it easier for players to see and assess their teammates' status quickly, enhancing team coordination and strategic execution​.

Patch 8.07 might be smaller than some previous updates. Still, it plays a crucial role in smoothing over persistent bugs and enhancing the gameplay experience as Valorant progresses towards the end of Episode 8 Act II. These improvements are especially significant for Omen and Clove players, who will likely notice a more streamlined and enjoyable gameplay experience. These changes are subject to further refinement based on community feedback and ongoing developer observation.


Over the years, Valorant has seen a series of patches that address immediate gameplay issues and strategically steer the game towards a more balanced and engaging competitive environment. These updates often focus on fine-tuning agent abilities, weapon balancing, and enhancing game stability, reflecting Riot Games' commitment to responsive game development. Changes in direction have included the introduction of new agents to shake up the meta, adjustments to maps to improve flow and fairness, and significant system overhauls like the audio and visual updates to enhance player immersion. Each patch builds on previous updates, showcasing a continuous dialogue between the developers and the player community, aiming to keep the gameplay fresh and competitively viable.

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