What are the Best Operator Skins in Valorant 2024?

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    Within each shooting game, a handful of guns rise to the iconic totemic symbols of the game. Many professional players mold their playstyle and agent selection to make the most of this weapon. For Valorant, that iconic gun is definitely the Operator and with that Riot have put in a lot of work to make great skins for the guy. This article will explore some of our favorite Operator skins currently in game.

    Elderflame Operator

    This skin was launched in Valorant during Act 1.The Elderflame Operator has four levels to it. When you look at the gun, it consists of a body similar to that of a dragon, with the muzzle of the operator consisting of a dragon's head. Likewise, the reloading animation shows the agent feeding the dragon food as opposed to inserting a new magazine. Unlocking the 4th level of the skin provides a finisher that consists of the enemy getting incinerated by a dragon's mouth from the skies.

    Origin Operator

    Origin Operator. Credit: Riot Games Origin Operator. Credit: Riot Games

    The Origin operator is one of the coolest skins in Valorant right now. This skin has a unique inspect animation and reload animation compared to other skins in the game due to its futuristic vibe. When upgraded completely, the skins inspection animation shows the different parts of the gun turning into fragments. These fragments are moving in a circular motion. After inspecting all the weapon fragments, join in to make the operator. The origin operator was launched in Act 2 of Valorant. The finisher animation of the skin shows the enemy disappearing within a beam summoned by a ring from above, almost like an alien abduction.

    Ion Operator

    Ion Operator. Credit: Riot Games Ion Operator. Credit: Riot Games

    The Ion Operator skin has been available in the game since Act 1, thus making it one of the cult classics within the game. The ion collection was so popular that valorant released another variant in Act 5. The skin has an electric-futuristic vibe which could be seen with a ball in its main frame. The finisher of this skin is exciting as the victim's body is picked up and put into a Futuristic orb, and then there is an explosion that results in the body vanishing. The orb seen in the finisher directly corresponds to the color of the skin you are using, thus providing a form of uniqueness to the finisher.

    Araxys Operator

    The second-best operator in the game right now is the Araxys operator. This skin takes inspiration from the sharp alien blasters in a number of sci-fi games and movies. While inspecting after fully upgrading the weapon. You can see the body fragments come out in the form of an electric current, binding them to the main body of the firearm. As such, the finisher is quite unique, where each of the bodies that were killed using this gun will be teleported using a light beam, With the significant difference being that each of the bodies, instead of just the last enemy body, will be teleported into the sky through a light beam. The light beam of the weapon depends on the skin variant that is being used by the user. The purple and red/black variants are set to be some of the best skin variants.

    Radiant Entertainment System Operator

    Radiant Entertainment System is one of the best operator skins right now in the game. This skin's unique element is it has three completely different variants, which take cues from retro video games of the mid to late 1990s. With this, the gun has a lot of callbacks and nods to games like Street Fighter, Dance Dance Revolution and retro platformers. It also references the old trick of blowing into game cartridges to clean dust off the pins when doing the fully upgraded reload animation.

    Each of the variants of the skin consists of a different finishing animation. The basic one consists of a raccoon with a jetpack shooting the enemy's body. Dance Fever's finisher animation involves summoning a dance floor and the victim dancing to the rhythm. Lastly, the Knock Out finishing variant involves summoning a fighter who punches the victim into the air, causing them to be K.O'd.

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