Valve to add a Dota 2 hero for Phantom Assassin Exile Unveiled

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Published  16 Sep, 19:13
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Dota 2 developer Valve has added Exile Unveiled: a new hero persona for Phantom Assassin.

The persona is available to allBattle Pass owners who reach level 296. The new Exile Unveiled Hero Persona for Phantom Assassin features new models, animations, ability effects, and voice performance.

"Raised in secret by outcast sisters of the Veiled Order, Asan the exile has spent a lifetime in pursuit of a single purpose: to destroy the false prophet that his teachers blamed for the corruption of their once-sacred faith. And while his guardians have been taken from him one-by-one by the blades of the veiled assassins, Asan is at last ready to step from the shadows — to realize the dark dreams of his masters and ensure the tainted oracle's most-feared prophecies come to deadly fruition," Valve noted.

Battle Pass is the seasonal in-game item created by Valve to fill the prize pool of The International - Dota 2's most prestigious annual championship that features the best teams in the world.