Valve to update Dota 2 Battle Pass and fix Dota Plus

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Published  15 Sep, 06:49
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Dota 2 developer Valve has updated Battle Pass dedicated to the upcoming tournament, The International 2022.

"On release of the Battle Pass, one theme we've noticed in community feedback is that players don't feel like they're making progress commensurate with the amount of matches that they have been playing. With that in mind, we looked at the data for the 2022 Battle Pass compared to The International 10 Battle Pass to see if the data matched this perception. What we found is that even though the amount of points players can potentially earn is similar between the two Battle Passes, the median amount that has been earned is lower in the 2022 Battle Pass. As a result, a hardcore player will have a similar amount of points, but a more casual player is likely to have fewer points than before," Valve noted in a statement.

To overcome this, the developer implemented some changes:

Weekly Bonus

Till now every player will earn Battle Pass points just by playing Dota 2. Valve will award 200 points for a win and 100 points for a loss. In total, up to 2,000 points or 2 Battle Pass levels can be earned every week. Turbo matches also earn Battle Points, but at half of the normal rate.

Weekly Quests Update

  • For non-Bonus weeks, instead of rewarding 500/1000/1500 Battle Points at 4/9/15 stars, players will reward 1000/1000/1000 Battle Points at 2/8/15 stars.
  • For Bonus weeks, the first Bonus Week Battle Chest is now available at 2 stars instead of 3 stars.

Besides, Valve apologizes to all Dota Plus customers that Dota Plus item suggestions have not been working for the past week. In compensation, the developer grants every player who has played a match since the release of the Battle Pass a free week of Dota Plus.