Sources: Hylissang reached a verbal agreement with MAD Lions

Modified  8 Nov, 23:38
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According to close sources, Zdravets "Hylissang" Iliev Galabov has reached a verbal agreement with MAD Lions.
MAD Lions would have explored other options such as Rekkles support, Targamas and Kamilius.

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MAD Lions is a team that has had great success internationally, among their achievements are the two LECs they won last year, in Spring split and Summer split. In addition, this year they qualified to Worlds as European 4th seed, although they were eliminated by Evil Geniuses in the play-in.

In addition, Hylissang is one of the most veteran and valued supports in the LEC. He started competing in 2014 with Unicors Of Love, but after almost 4 years competing with the team, he was signed by Fnatic. Hylissang has been almost 5 years in the European team, has lived great moments like the Worlds final and was always a key piece for Fnatic, this would put an end to his career in Fnatic and start a new one in MAD Lions.