Best CS2 Settings: In-game, Graphics and system

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With Valve hinting something for this Wednesday, the official release feels ever closer, and more players are expected to rush in for their own experience of the long-awaited Counter Strike 2 after months of gluing their eyes on their favorite content creators.

“What are you doing next Wednesday?” was used by Valve before dropping CS:GO’s biggest update back in 2019, when they introduced the Panorama UI and the Danger Zone mode.

So far, nothing has been confirmed, but the community is leaning towards a potential open beta and new game content.

Regardless of what’s coming, having the best CS2 settings is vital to have a smooth gaming experience, considering the game is an upgrade with a complete overhaul of the previous game, including upgraded graphics, lighting and more.

Join us in this guide to learn about the best CS2 settings and get ready for the game's release!

Best CS2 Settings

Video settings:

  • Color mode: Computer Monitor
  • Brightness: 110%
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Resolution: 1920×1080
  • Display mode: Fullscreen
  • Refresh rate: Max
  • Laptop power savings: Disabled
Best CS2 Settings: In-game, graphics and system

Advanced video settings:

  • Boost player contrast: Disabled - Improves the visibility of players in low-contrast situations
  • Wait for Vertical Sync: Disabled Current video values preset: Custom
  • Multisampling Anti-Aliasing Mode: 2X MSAA - Objects have a smooth appearance at the edges
  • Global Shadow Quality: High
  • Model / Texture Detail: Medium - Controls the resolution of textures
  • Texture Filtering Mode: Bilinear - Improves the texture appearance
  • Shader Detail: Low - Controls the sophistication of the lighting and shading effects on surfaces
  • Particle Detail: Low - Particle effects to cast shadows
  • Ambient Occlusion: Disabled - Calculates lighting
  • High Dynamic Range: Quality - Controls the range of brightness
  • FidelityFX Super Resolution: Disabled (Highest Quality) - Rendering at reduced resolution and upscaling
  • NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency: Enabled - use Boost if you’re using a limited CPU - Reduces system latency

Game settings


  • Max Acceptable Matchmaking Ping: 100
  • Max Acceptable Game Traffic Bandwidth: Unrestricted
  • Community Notification location: Top right
  • Enable Developer Console: Yes
  • Install Counter-Strike Workshop tools: No


  • Show Team Positions in hud: Show location and equipment
  • Show teammate colors in competitive: Show colors
  • Use teammate colors on ID: No
  • Friends lobby default permissions: Friends need invites
  • Looking to play when Counter-Strike starts: Remember last state


  • Player pings: Display and sound
  • Mute enemy team: No
  • Mute all but friends: No
  • Hide Avatar Images: Preference
  • Clean player names: Preference


  • Radar centers the player: Yes
  • Radar is rotating: yes
  • Radar Hud size: 1
  • Radar Map zoom: 0.60
  • Toggle shape with scoreboard: Yes

Best CS2 mouse settings:

Although mouse settings are relatively straightforward, sensitivity, raw input, and mouse acceleration are important things you need to get just right. Outside of these, there's one crucial number you should pay attention to and it's eDPI.

eDPI is all about how fast your mouse moves on the screen. It's a combination of your mouse's DPI, which measures how sensitive it is, and your in-game sensitivity setting.

When it comes to sensitivity and DPI, it comes down to your personal preference. However, there's a widely accepted guideline in the Counter-Strike community, and this remains true in CS2: it's usually better to keep your DPI low as making it higher can be more difficult to be precise.

Best NVIDIA settings for CS2:

  • Image Scaling: Off
  • Ambient Occlusion: Off
  • Anisotropic filtering: Off
  • Antialiasing – FXAA: Off
  • Antialiasing – Gamma correction: On
  • Antialiasing – Mode: Application-controlled
  • Background application Max Frame Rate: Off
  • CUDA – GPUs: All
  • DSR – Factors: Off
  • Power management mode: Prefer maximum performance
  • Preferred refresh rate: Application-controlled
  • Shader Cache Size: Driver Default
  • Texture Filtering – Anisotropic sample option: On
  • Texture Filtering – Negative COD bias: Allow
  • Texture Filtering – Quality: High performance
  • Texture Filtering – Trilinear optimization: On
  • Threaded optimization: Auto
  • Triple buffering: Off
  • Vertical sync: Off
  • Virtual Reality pre-rendered frames: 1
  • Virtual Reality – Variable Rate Super Sample: Off

Optimized system settings for CS2

1: Turn on gaming mode:

This is a setting that manages system resources for better performance when playing.

  • Press the Start button on your keyboard and type Game
  • Click Game Mode Settings when it appears at the top of the Start menu
  • Click the button to turn on Game mode

2: Turn on Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling:

Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling allows your system to optimize performance and reduce latency.

  • Press the Start button and search for Graphics Settings
  • Then click to turn on Hardware-accelerated GPU Scheduling
  • Scroll down and view the settings for "graphics performance preference." From there, you can choose the app to set your preference. For Nvidia, this is the Nvidia Control panel. You can select this as a desktop app or Microsoft Store app via the dropdown
  • Click on the app, click options and select high performance
Best CS2 Settings: In-game, Graphics and system

3: Adjust settings for best performance:

By default, Windows is designed to prioritize the best visual aesthetics, making everything look fancy with smooth animations and polished edges. However, these high-quality settings can harm your gaming performance. It's a good idea to consider turning them off or tweaking them to favor performance over appearance if you're into gaming.

  • Press the Windows start button on your PC or keyboard and type appearance and performance
  • Click on "Adjust the performance and appearance of Windows" when it appears
  • Look for the setting that says "adjust for the best performance"
  • Select that and click apply
  • On the advanced tab, click to check that best performance is set for programs and not background tasks
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