CS2 Aim Guide 2024

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Like any other first-person shooter (FPS) video game, precision aiming is critical in Counter-Strike 2.

Aiming in CS2 is a delicate dance between reflexes, muscle memory, and strategic positioning. Mastering aiming is an ongoing process that can significantly improve your gameplay.

Many resources are available to help you take your aim to the next level, whether you've just downloaded the game or have been playing for a while.

First of all, it's essential to start our CS2 aiming guide by debunking a common myth.


  • Detailed information on CS2 for each weapon and its importance for accurate shooting and recoil control.
  • Strategies on how to work with spray patterns and recoil compensation
  • Information on maps for practicing aiming in CS2 in 2024
  • Information on customizing in-game settings that affect aiming


Myth: You should copy the settings of a professional player.

Fact: You should find a mouse setting that you are comfortable using.

This is the most common mistake players - especially beginners - make.

We all want to have the same precise aim as NiKo, right? Sure, but copying his in-game settings, sensitivity, resolution, or anything else won't help you. Instead, you should find the correct settings that you feel comfortable playing on, and that feel right.

For example, if you're aiming with your wrist, you'll probably want a higher sensitivity setting, but on the other hand, if you're aiming with your arm, you're better off using a slower setting.

The best way to do this would be to play in non-competitive matches. This way, you can compete with real players, and at the same time, you won't hurt your ranking while adjusting to the perfect settings.

Take everything into account: crosshair, in-game mouse sensitivity, DPI, video resolution and aspect ratio, and even HUD style - everything matters.

Spray Patterns

Each Counter-Strike weapon has its unique spray pattern, and to win firefights, you'll have to learn these patterns.

Training on unique maps sharpens your muscle memory and allows you to distinguish between controlled bursts and sprays.

Only one small change has been added to the game - each bullet can deflect slightly in a random direction, but the recoil remains almost the same as in CS:GO.

Below are examples comparing spray patterns from CS2 and CS:GO for the weapons most commonly used in the game.

Below, you can find all other spray patterns.





Galil AR

Here's a spray pattern for every automatic weapon in CS2 and a handy recoil compensation chart.











The farther away you are, the larger the spray area.

To control the direction of the spray and guide the bullets onto the target, you must move the scope in the opposite direction to the direction of aim. This adjustment requires a thorough understanding of each weapon's spray pattern and consistent practice.

Regular practice can turn a beginner into a pro at CS2. To improve spray control, you should consistently engage in activities such as:

  • Shooting at the wall and gradually increasing the length of bursts
  • Participating in focused drills to improve accuracy
  • Familiarizing yourself with the unique recoil patterns of different weapons

Using custom maps and training servers is the best way to practice spray control.

Tips for Effective Recoil Compensation

To manage recoil, you need to counteract the upward motion of your weapon during continuous fire. This involves adjusting your scope downward or to the right for firearms such as the MAC-10 and employing specific patterns to control the scope for the FAMAS and Negev.

Several strategies prove beneficial for managing recoil effectively. Here are some techniques to try:

  • Point the sights downward while firing
  • Utilize Follow Recoil
  • Fire in bursts
  • Crouch firing

These techniques can significantly enhance your spray control.

One of the most effective ways to learn recoil patterns is by practicing with the Recoil Master map.

How Do You Learn How To Control Spraying?

If you click the left mouse button, the bullets will soon start flying farther from your aim. It would help if you moved the sight to the side opposite the bullet's trajectory to hit the enemy.

It would seem that everything is simple: you need to press the left button and control the recoil, but in reality, everyone forgets about this unspoken rule. Two things come into play here: analyzing your spray and training.

It is necessary to engage in activities such as constantly:

  • Shooting at the wall and gradually increasing the length of bursts
  • Participating in focused drills to improve accuracy
  • Familiarizing yourself with the unique recoil patterns of different weapons

Using custom maps and training servers is the best way to practice spray control.

In-Game Aim Trainers

While aiming labs and Kovaak's are well-known and commonly used aiming trainers for FPS games, for CS2, nothing helps train to aim better than in-game maps.

Despite CS2 being an update, player training and warm-ups have mostly occurred on community maps and servers. Unfortunately, the old CS:GO maps don't work with the new engine, leaving players with limited choices for warm-ups and precise aiming.

Aim Botz - Training

In our article, we covered how to install the map and train on it.

Aim_Botz is a great tool to help you practice aiming. There are tons of options, customizations, and weapons to choose from. They are all instrumental, and 30 minutes to an hour a day before matches is a great way to warm up and improve your aiming.

Fast Reflex\Aim

The main point of the training is to prevent the bots that run from everywhere from getting to the point where the player is. Features:

  • Firing bots 360 degrees on the map.
  • Obstacles and high walls in the form of blocks.
  • Decent training environment.

Crashz’ Crosshair Generator v4

A training map may seem like a relic of the old to many, but it's what most CS2 players prefer. Features and pros of the resource:

  • The ability to customize and create the perfect sight.
  • A large selection from the database of sights of professional players from the best teams.
  • Ease of use.

Strategies to Improve Aiming in CS2

Crosshair Placement

Improper sight placement is one of the most common mistakes. The sight should always be at head level to save time moving it towards the enemy's head.


Tapping is firing one bullet at a time. Tapping is helpful at long distances because you shed most of the gun's recoil before firing the next bullet.

This allows for highly accurate shots. You can still increase your hit rate by firing only one bullet at a time.

What matters most when tapping is the accuracy of the first shot, which depends on your eye-hand coordination. First-shot accuracy is an essential and valuable aim for all other aiming skills. And when tapping on a moving target, you must also predict the player's future movements.

Burst Shooting and Tap Shooting

Burst shooting involves firing three bullets at a time and is usually used for mid-range encounters.

On the other hand, touch shooting involves firing one bullet at a time and is typically used for long-range encounters. By striking a balance between firing bursts and touch shooting, you can better control the recoil of your weapon and improve your overall shooting accuracy.

We recommend:

  • Focus on aiming for a headshot when shooting a touch at long range.
  • Shoot in bursts during mid-range battles.
  • Maintain a stationary position while shooting.

Counter Strafing

Strafing is stopping sideways movement to shoot accurately. For example, if you are moving to the left while holding the A key, release A, quickly tap the D key, and then shoot. This will stop the movement, but you won't lose any accuracy.

There is a short delay between tapping the motion control key and complete accuracy. Remember to tap the motion control key, not hold it down.

Strafes are essential to your aim, a skill that high-ranked players utilize heavily. Before your motion control becomes effective, your aim positioning must be high.

You can find other essential tips on improving your aim in our article.

Dynamic Changes in Firefights

Understand when to use controlled bursts, quick presses, or long bursts depending on proximity to the enemy.

Adapt to Enemy Tactics

Adapt to enemy strategies. Recognize patterns in their movements and adjust your aim accordingly.

Using Utility and Map Controls

Use aids such as light and HE grenades, smokes, and Molotov cocktails to keep the enemy from attacking. This action will also give your teammates time to come to your aid.

Settings For Improving Aiming

When choosing hardware, here are the key features you need to know:

Mouse Usage: DPI, Polling Rate, and Ergonomics

DPI/Sensitivity: Balance for fast maneuvers and accuracy

Polling Rate: High rates minimize latency for immediate response

Ergonomics: Comfortable design ensures stable operation

In short, lower sensitivity provides more control but sacrifices quick turns, while high sensitivity allows quick maneuvers at the expense of precision. DPI adjustment complements sensitivity by affecting how fast your cursor moves across the screen.

When setting up the monitor, pay attention to the following parameters.

Resolution: High resolution aids in target recognition

Update Rate: Fast readings reduce motion blur for a responsive experience

Input Delay: Low latency provides fast real-time responses

Customize the style and color of the sight for visibility, choose a resolution that balances clarity and performance, and optimize the graphics for smooth gameplay.

Pro Tips: Interview with FURIOUSSS

We had the pleasure of briefly speaking with FURIOUSSS, a former pro player and now content creator for Luminosity Gaming. He's well-known for his precise aim and is a former world record holder of a Betway aim challenge map. The Turkish-Dutch player gave multiple responses worthy of noting down.

What are the fundamentals to great aim? What separates a good aimer from a great one?

The fundamentals of a great aim are crosshair placement and routine. Training every day, in the same way will make your aim more consistent and stable.

Crosshair placement is crucial for having a better aim, especially in matches. Having your crosshair lined up so that it is directly on top of where an enemy player could be holding an angle will increase your likelihood of winning the duel and even sometimes give you the advantage. That way, you can have a much quicker reaction, even giving you the option of preferring.

When we asked him about slower or quicker sensitivity, he said that it comes down to preference, and while, in some cases, either one can be more beneficial, it is best to go with what you feel comfortable with.

As for crosshair color, it is also merely preference unless, in the case of color blindness, where it can become challenging to see your crosshair on some player models or behind particular objects on specific maps.

Do you find aim trainers such as Aim Lab or KovaaKs helpful?

"Yes, aim trainers like Aim Lab are good for your aim. Not only in CS, but also in other [First Person Shooter] games," he did, however, warn of something, adding: "you have to set it up properly though."

Of course, Aim Trainers outside the game are helpful, but you must ensure it is as close to the game's aim mechanics as possible. Counter-Strike is a unique gaming aiming-wise, so while you may be able to hit a very high score on Aim Lab, you will not be able to translate that in-game unless you have set up your settings on the external aim trainers perfectly."

Outside of CS2 and video games, does practicing a healthy lifestyle help improve overall performance?

"Definitely. When I used to play on a team, our coach always told us to make breakfast for ourselves and eat healthy when we were close to a tournament. It'll make you think brighter and faster."

Drink more water, too! Maintaining a healthy lifestyle outside of the game can make you a much better player. That means getting enough sleep, eating well, and exercising.


Like anything else, the more time and dedication you put into this, the better and sooner results you will get.

Find your perfect settings, master the weapons, watch how pros play and position themselves and their crosshair, sharpen your aim with in-game community maps and external aim trainers, balance out a healthy lifestyle, and watch yourself getting more outstanding results!

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