How To Get Skins in CS2? A Step-by-Step Guide

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Weapon and item skins are an essential part of Counter-Strike 2. You can get them in several ways: opening cases, in-game trophies (weekly airdrop), trading with other players, buying them on Steam or another external marketplace, or getting a skin for free for specific actions in an event.

Although the first-person shooter has been around for years, some players still need to get into the skin system or are new to the game. Questions about the rarity, selling, or receiving skins abound on Reddit. That is why we have written this guide. It will be helpful for both newcomers to the game and experienced players looking for better strategies for collecting/buying skins.


  • Details on what skins there are in CS2 and how they affect the game
  • Ways to get skins in CS2 in 2024

CS2 recently received another update to make playing more comfortable, which was revealed on the game's Twitter account.

We have an article about the recent major update: CS2 April Update. Valve brings back Dust 2.

Understanding Skins in CS2

Skins from the Prism 2 Collection

What Are Skins and How Do They Enhance Your Experience?

In CS2, as in CS:GO, skins mainly serve as aesthetic decoration. They change the visual appearance of weapons, agents, and various in-game assets.

Beyond their aesthetic properties, however, skins can affect your visibility. Given their design or color palette, some skins can blend seamlessly with specific maps, offering a slight advantage in camouflage.

Furthermore, limited-edition skins celebrating certain milestones or teams in eSports can instill a sense of unity and camaraderie, making players feel a deeper connection to the game.

Types of Skins Available in CS2

CS2 skins can be categorized into three main types:

Weapon Skins. They are needed to customize guns. These skins are the most common in CS2.

Agent Skins changes the appearance of in-game Agents. While they are less common than weapon skins, their growing appeal among players is evident.

Item Skins. These skins are for gloves, knives, and Zeus and are rare and often sold at higher prices.

In addition, all skins are categorized into eight types of rarity/quality. They can be distinguished by the color assigned to the skin name.

Rarity/Quality of CS2 Skins

Common (White) - Consumer Grade, Base Grade.

Uncommon (Light Blue) - Industrial Grade.

Rare (Blue) - Mil-Spec, High Grade.

Mythical (Purple) - Restricted, Remarkable.

Legendary (Pink) - Classified, Exotic.

Ancient (Red) - Covert, Extraordinary.

Exceedingly Rare (Gold) - Rare Special, Gloves, Knives.

Immortal - Contraband - M4A4 Howl, Orange, one of a kind.

How does rarity/quality affect each skin? It's only about the chances of receiving it when opening a case. The rarest skins have a chance of 1 in 100 or even lower!

You thought that was it? No. A skin quality, or float value, has five possible conditions:

  • Factory New (FN)
  • Minimal Wear (MW)
  • Field Tested (FT)
  • Well-Worn (WW)
  • Battle-Scarred (BS).

This affects the price of each skin, and the demand and price are also affected by whether it is a souvenir skin or a regular skin.

Methods to Get Skins in CS2

Opening Cases

Prisma Case

You can get CS2 skins by opening cases. This method guarantees you will get one skin from the set in the opened case. However, the rarer the skin, the less chance of getting it. Extremely rare items have a chance of dropping about 1/400.

Each weapon case includes a particular set of skins and costs differently. To open it, you will also need to buy the CS2 key. The whole process can be completed inside the game, in the Shop and Inventory tabs.

Also, on Reddit, many players discuss selling the cases for a decent profit, which can be used to buy skins.

Purchasing Skins via Marketplaces

Steam Community Market

If you're interested in buying or selling certain skins in Counter-Strike 2, Steam Community Market is a great platform to explore. It offers a diverse selection of weapon skins, from common to rare.

You can also use third-party platforms to purchase skins. While this comes with some risks, it can provide access to a broader range of skins at lower prices. However, exercising caution and checking the platform's legitimacy is essential before purchasing. Look for reputable sites, such as CS.MONEY, with positive reviews and robust security measures to reduce the risk of fraud or counterfeit goods. Proceed with caution and prioritize safety when exploring third-party options.

We wrote one interesting article on trading in CS2. It can give you many valuable tips and food for thought. You can find it at the link A Research About Skin Traders in CS2 That You May Have Missed.

Unlocking Skins Through In-Game Drops

In-Game Drops

CS2 gives players the ability to obtain skins while playing the game.

Once a week, the experience meter is updated, and by reaching higher levels and playing on official servers or Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) enabled servers, you will gain experience. Every time you level up, you get four drop options. You can choose 2 of the 4. The drops usually contain weapon skins, a case, and graffiti.

While the chances of getting rare skins through in-game drops are relatively slim, this passive method requires no additional investment. By playing regularly, you can eventually accumulate a collection of skins without spending any money.

Here, players shared their best free drop.

Trading Skins with Other Players

Trading Skins with Other Players

Trading with other players is a popular method of acquiring certain skins. CS2 has a lively trading community where players can trade skins directly. Whether you have duplicate skins or skins you no longer want, trading allows you to trade them for something more desirable. CS2 trading websites and forums facilitate these transactions by providing a safe and fair trading environment.

You can do it through Steam without too much fuss.

We have a separate extensive guide, Detailed CS2 Trading Guide 2024 for Beginners & Pros, about buying and selling skins.

Tips for Effective Skin Collection in CS2

Best Marketplaces and Trading Strategies


Several proven skin trading strategies can make your life easier.

To succeed in skin trading, keeping abreast of market dynamics is essential. This involves:

  • Constantly monitoring prices.
  • Assessing demand for specific products.
  • Observing fluctuations in the market.

Skins trading websites and forums offer valuable information and data, allowing traders to make informed decisions.

It's essential to establish specific goals and objectives before beginning to trade. Whether you want to accumulate several skins, build a collection, or maximize your profits, defining your goals will help you reach the end.

Limit the capital allocated to trading in advance and exercise caution when making high-risk trades.

CS.MONEY has been one of the most famous trading sites for over half a century.

The site commission is 7% and can be reduced to 4%.

Subscribing to PRIME can reduce the commission. The site's commission is reduced to 4% if the subscription is active.

Users can buy and sell skins for real money on CS.MONEY. The site offers a 30% bonus on top-ups in the exchange or 35% if you top up for the first time.

Another site feature is a 3D model preview. This function allows the user to view a 3D image of his skin, which can be helpful when examining details hidden in 2D screenshots.

We also relied on player opinions when researching effective strategies for obtaining skins. On Reddit, the top tips include getting airdrops, selling closed cases, and using the money you get to buy skins you like. You can read more here.

Avoiding Scams and Unsafe Trades

To protect yourself from being scammed when trying to get free CS2 skins, it is essential:

  • Use trustworthy websites
  • Be cautious of sales offers
  • Always verify the validity of any offers or requests
  • Use strong passwords
  • Never give out your account details

Maximizing In-Game Drops

If you want to increase your chances of getting cases and winning an expensive or desired skin, the key is to play the game regularly. While no foolproof method guarantees that you will get a particular skin when a case drops, playing more often increases the likelihood of getting what you seek.

Generally, if you play at least a few hours daily, you'll get one CS2 case weekly, thanks to the weekly airdrop. After spending a few more dollars, you can open that case. And if it has knife skins, you'll be lucky enough to get a knife out.

Community and Event Skins

AK-47 Gold Arabesque

Participating in CS2 Tournaments and Events

Participating in either online or LAN Counter-Strike 2 tournaments can be complex, but it has the potential to yield remarkable outcomes. You can earn valuable skins or other CS2 items as rewards. However, there are specific requirements that you need to fulfill before considering this approach.

To qualify for the tournament, you must have outstanding abilities and a top-tier ranking in Counter-Strike 2, as only players with high rankings are eligible to participate. It is preferable to have your team, although some CS2 tournaments can help you form one. To start, you are recommended to join FACEIT tournaments, nearby LAN events, or the ESEA league, gradually progressing and potentially achieving significant success if your skills are exceptional.

Special Edition and Limited-Time Skins

In CS2, Souvenir skins have a special meaning for collectors and players alike.

Souvenir skins differ from regular CS2 skins because they are associated with specific tournament events. These unique skins are received as gifts when players watch live CS2 tournament matches on platforms such as Twitch.

Due to their limited availability, Souvenir skins are highly rare and valuable to the CS2 community.

For those who collect CS2 items, souvenir skins provide a fantastic opportunity to build a unique collection that captures some of the most memorable moments in the history of CS2 competition.


How do you get skins in CS2 for free?

Many CS2 communities, websites, and social media channels regularly run promotions and giveaways where players can win free skins. Participation in these events often involves completing simple tasks such as signing up for social media accounts.

For example, broadcasts on Twitch give viewers a unique opportunity to enter giveaways and win free skins in various promotions and events.

Can I trade CS:GO skins for CS2 skins?

During the update, skins from CS:GO were transferred to CS2, and the inventory of all players was preserved. Moreover, skins became more beautiful due to the Source 2 engine. Therefore, there is absolutely no difference. You can sell your old skins from CS:GO or exchange them for skins that appeared in CS2.

What's the best marketplace for buying CS2 skins?

We recommend CS.Money marketplace is well known in the gaming community as one of the best places to buy CS2 skins. Moreover, this resource boasts a breakneck transaction speed. This site also has a unique visual feature that allows users to view 2D and 3D skin models before purchasing.

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