What Are The Best CS2 Streamers For Learning?

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CS2 streamers have become influential figures in gaming, captivating audiences with their exceptional gameplay, engaging commentary, and colorful personalities.

CS2 streamers are an integral part of the gaming community. They serve as entertainers and educators, helping players improve their skills and sharing the excitement of the game with audiences. They continue to shape the gaming landscape with their skill, entertainment value, and engagement.

Our Blix team has scrutinized Twitch and YouTube to select the best CS2 streamers to watch. Here are our top 10 streamers - in no particular order. If you're wondering who's the best, it's up to you!


  • TOP-10 streamers to watch to improve your CS2 skills
  • Facts about streamers and information about what they can teach you

Aleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev

Aleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev

Everything s1mple does on Twitch is a masterclass in precision, skill, and flawless gameplay. The community calls him the greatest player in the history of Counter-Strike.

Alexander has been recognized as the best player in the world three times, as evidenced by a record 21 HLTV MVP medals and a collection of 1st-place trophies in major Counter-Strike events.

His streamings aren't just watched - they're studied. Viewers love s1mple for his ability to turn seemingly winless situations into victories, and his competitive spirit resonates with fans worldwide.

The s1mple broadcasts are in English. You can watch it on Twitch.

Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert's

Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert's

Streamer n0thing predicts his opponent's every move, so it's obvious why nearly 700,000 people have subscribed to him on the Twitch platform.

n0thing's tutorial broadcasts cover many topics, including in-game mechanics, strategies, and tactics. He also talks about his thought process and decision-making during matches, which can be helpful for players looking to improve their game sense and decision-making abilities. He broadcasts in English, so there won't be any problems.

N0thing is a true living legend of Counter-Strike. Before CS:GO, Jordan had a great time in Counter-Strike 1.6, earning worldwide fame for his play. He played for such teams as CheckSix, Turmoil, Back2Back, and Evil Geniuses. As a latter member, he won many North American tournaments and excelled in European championships.

His "flashbang dance" is tried to be repeated by many fans and even players. It is also worth noting that Jordan opened his school of play in 1.6 and GO, which was very popular. So if you want to learn something - it is clear to n0thing.

n0thing has a channel on Twitch and YouTube.

Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo's

Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo's

Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo is among the best people to learn Counter-Strike if you speak Portuguese. The godfather of Brazilian CS has been playing professionally since CS 1.6 and has won eight S-level tournaments, including the iconic ESL One: Cologne title.

Fans can familiarize themselves with his educational content. Gabriel actively discusses in-game mechanics, strategies, mental preparation, and team dynamics to help develop, train, and mentor other players.

The streamer has 1.5 million followers on Twitch.



We just can't help but mention this person in our article! 3kliksphilip provides quality dissections of game mechanics, setting, meta, and even graphical elements, sometimes also delving into the historical retrospective of our favorite shooter. In a way, his videos can be compared to entertaining lectures about the game.

His YouTube channel has gained over 1 million subscribers. It offers a tremendous amount of information on various topics in the game. The channel has 1,000+ videos with more than 431 million total views on numerous aspects of CS2.

In addition, 3kliksphilip often posts funny videos and shorts to entertain its audience.



If you love CS2 economics and want to understand it, ohnePiche is the best that humanity has to offer. He knows almost everything about skins, knows many expensive deals, and understands valuable templates, contracts, and inventory of professional players—a true walking encyclopedia with a consistently positive attitude.

The community praises him as the king of skins in CS2. He also offers invaluable CS tips and advice, offering you a combination of experience and entertainment.

His broadcasts are in English, although he is German by birth, and is watched by people worldwide. He has 1.2 million followers on his Twitch channel.

Also, if you want to understand trading, we can offer you a detailed guide.

Erik “fl0m” Flom

Erik “fl0m” Flom

Erik "fl0m" Flom is an American cybersports player and CS streamer. He was a professional player on Mythic, his amateur team. With his marksmanship AWP skills honed over a decade of professional play, fl0m combines exceptional insight, precise strategies, and funny reactions in his Twitch broadcasts.

We have a guide on dominating with the AWP and an article on the best skins.

He hosts his Twitch broadcasts in English and has 877,000 followers. Erik also records videos for YouTube. fl0m is rightfully one of the most adored English-speaking content creators.

You can learn a lot from him if you watch just one broadcast.

Jacky “Stewie2K” Yip

Jacky “Stewie2K” Yip

Professional CS:GO player. A Major tournament champion as a member of Cloud9 in 2018.

Stewie2k was considered one of the most promising players in the United States. Jaky had never played professionally before, and he started playing CS:GO only in the summer of 2014. However, he indeed revealed himself only in FolloweSports, aka Splyce. He is a member of the Legacy team.

Jacky Yip is not only a professional player but also a cult streamer. He is known for his exceptional talent. In his short career, Stewie2K has exceeded expectations and made a sensation in the teams he participated in.

He has won a major title and the Intel Grand Slam crown. Stewie's tactical prowess and entree-frag skills have made him a spectacle of unparalleled talent and strategic prowess. Today, he is considered one of Twitch's most valuable CS2 streamers, garnering thousands of viewers daily. He broadcasts in English.



Jacob Winneche, known as "Pimp," began his gaming journey with Counter-Strike: Source. He tasted great success at the national level during this time. He transitioned to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in 2012, and during the following four years, he played for over 15 Danish teams, some of which were well-known, such as Western Wolves, CPH Wolves, n!faculty, 3DMAX, Reason Gaming, and more.

A former CS: GO pro turned professional analyst, his streamings are always a pleasure to watch because they are entertaining and informative.

Having spent over six years as a professional CS player, Pimp has an unrivaled gaming flair. His insights and analysis during official live broadcasts have earned him over 500,000 followers on Twitch, and fans flock to him every time there's a break in the CS season.

In addition to the usual moves, weapon recoil, and utility guides, Jacob's guides on reclaiming and defending objectives set him apart from all other CS-related content creators.

He broadcasts in English and has a YouTube channel with helpful videos.

Olof “olofmeister” Gustafsson

Olof “olofmeister” Gustafsson

Does this man need an introduction? With a rich history rooted in the competitive game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, olofmeister moved into the realm of streaming on Twitch. He was recognized as the best player of 2015 by hltv.org.

He earned the nickname "Tec9meister" for his incredible shooting skill with the Tec-9. His history includes triumphs with cybersport giants Fnatic and FaZe Clan.

This cybersport player is known for his epic games, such as the "boostmeister" moment. His Twitch streams combine elite gameplay with a sense of playing at a divine level. Look at the mindset and mechanics that have shaped the titan of esports. Watching olofmeister play and follow his train of thought will be an exciting learning experience.

Watch olofmeister on Twitch, he broadcasts in English.


We're rounding out our list of the best CS2 streamers according to blix.gg that are worth following. Each of these streaming personalities has something unique and unlike the others, but you can learn something new from all of them and improve your gaming experience.

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