How To Dominate with The AWP in CS2 – Tips and Tricks

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    The AWP is one of the most potent weapons in the game, and in this article, you will learn all the CS2 sniper tips and tricks and mastering the AWP in CS2. With the weapon in your hands, you can be very impactful in the game since, with the scope, you can aim at great distances and eliminate the opponents quickly

    With a single shot, you can kill your opponent; however, if the shot is directed from the waist down, there is a chance that you will not be able to annihilate your opponent with just one shot. The AWP damage is 115 for a body shot, 450 for a headshot, and 85 for a legshot.

    You can also shoot the weapon without the scope; however, you don't have your crosshair on the screen, making it difficult to hit the opponent. You can reload AWP in 3.7 seconds.

    Due to its significant impact, the AWP is one of the most expensive weapons in the game; its price is $4750 on both sides, Counter-Terrorist and Terrorist.

    Why AWP, and when should I buy it?

    AWP is different from other weapons like AK or M4 because of the scope and the ability to cause damage to the opponent, being able, as previously mentioned, to kill the opponent with just one shot. The possibility of killing from a distance adds a massive level of lethality to the weapon, which is one of the primary weapons in the competition.

    The right time to buy is not strictly defined. Still, in total buy rounds, it is always interesting to have an AWP to accompany the rifles because you can get different peeks at the opponent with the sniper.

    On maps of great distances, it is also quite interesting to have an AWP to better view where the opponents are. It is essential to mention that excess AWP on the team can be harmful as it is a heavy weapon and could be more attractive for short distances and bombsite openings. Furthermore, at these short distances, it is essential to have quick reflexes, and if the opponent appears suddenly, trying to annihilate him with a rifle may be more advantageous.

    Having a pistol to accompany the AWP is always essential because if you are caught off guard, sniping in quick reactions may not be as advantageous, so having the pistol for these types of surprises is essential.

    How do I train my AWP skills?

    There are several ways to improve your skills with the AWP, such an impactful and vital weapon in the game. As with any weapon, deathmatch is a crucial way to train any weapon, and the AWP is no different because you can train against players of your level, and there is still an excellent level of similarity in the peeks with the matchmaking. Deathmatch, as it is a fast game, is suitable for training reflexes and other AWP skills, such as no scopes.

    You can always train on closed workshop maps with bots; however, it may be less enjoyable if the bots are static without any reaction or movement. This can be interesting if you are a beginner to learn some mechanics with the weapon, but once you feel comfortable, go train on Deathmatch or Free For All servers.

    What do I need to know since I have AWP?

    Since it is an expensive weapon, it is crucial to preserve and be careful with what you do, always be calculating, and even when taking risks, have some caution and intelligence because you could be giving a powerful weapon to your opponent or losing an excellent argument for your team wins the round.

    Using grenades to have an advantage over your opponents is essential because, for example, in a sniper duel, a well-placed flashbang dramatically increases your chances of facing a blind opponent. In addition, with the other grenades, you can make opponents leave possible positions and profit from it.

    Knowing how to position the weapon on the map is essential and can give you many points of advantage in duels. This kind of knowledge can be acquired over time, but professionals are a source of a lot of knowledge, and when watching a dedicated sniper play, you can clear up some doubts and learn a lot.

    It is fundamental in positioning not to be at very wide angles so that in case of a missed shot, there is still room for maneuver to reposition and try a new shot on top of the opponent.

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