What Is Wingman in CS2 and How To Play It?

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It's indisputable that the Counter-Strike series has become a beloved classic in shooter games. The game has gained a widespread reputation, with almost every player having heard of it at some point.

The latest game, CS2, was released on September 27, 2023, following in the footsteps of its famous predecessor, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, also known as CS:GO. Over the past six months, the number of online users on CS2 has fluctuated between 900,000 to 1.5 million.
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The game's popularity stems from its competitive nature. Players continuously improve by adapting to patches, using meta weapons, and changing strategies.

The game offers various modes, three of which are competitive and award players with a rating or rank. The other modes also have a competitive aspect but differ, such as fun modes or modes without a rating system.

The Blix team is excited to share a detailed analysis of one of the popular competitive mods - Wingman, where players compete in 2v2 matches on smaller maps. In this article, we will explore every aspect of this mode, including the gameplay mechanics, advantages, and the reasons behind its popularity among players.


— All the details about Wingman mode

— The guide on how to act in Wingman

— Personal recommendation on how to improve

— Differences between Wingman and Premier/Competitive modes

What is Wingman?

CS2 Wingman mode features a 2v2 format, which differs from the traditional 5v5 format of standard CS2 matches. CS2 Wingman matches are played on smaller maps, with only one bomb site involved. The mode is more dynamic, and the matches are played as fast as possible, which means the total time per match is shorter than in the 5v5 mode.

As for the number of rounds, in this mode, the rounds last 90 seconds each, and you need to win 9 rounds (8 rounds for the first side) to win the match. In a standard mode, such as Premier, players must win 13 rounds to win the game.

Benefits of Playing Wingman

The first and most important advantage is that you can learn very quickly on this map. Here, you can practice position-taking and shooting, fast grenade throwing, and rapid rush to the enemy bomb site. Of course, you won't be able to practice all the positions because the map is lowered, but at least you'll get better at one of the bomb sites.

Due to the narrow and smaller maps, crossfire with teammates is well-practiced. Communication with your teammate is the key to success in this mode, as decisions have to be made as quickly as possible, and tactics are best discussed before the start of the round.

In Wingman mode, you will be able to set good strategic thinking. You will be able to better understand how your enemy behaves and, more importantly, the trajectory they move on certain parts of the map. You'll get better at navigating through maps and learn to get good at taking angles from where the enemy gets a headshot easily.
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Wingman is suitable for both beginners and experienced players. The higher your rank, the more options you will have to learn from higher-level players, which will increase your skill. You can steal and use their tactics in battle, making yourself more robust and experienced.

How to Play Wingman

First, let's understand how to find and start playing this mode:

  1. Launch Counter-Strike 2
  2. Select the Play section in the Main Menu
  3. Proceed to Matchmaking > Wingman
  4. Choose the maps you want to play by clicking on it
  5. Press Go button to join the queue

The key to success in CS2 Wingman mode is to develop a solid strategy with your teammate. This can include organizing the crossfire and deciding who will lead the attack. A well-planned approach can make all the difference, especially in CS2 2v2 Wingman, where teamwork is essential.

  • In CS2 Wingman mode, controlling critical areas of the map is crucial. To do this, you need to learn the ins and outs of each map so you can maximize your control.
  • Setting up a crossfire with your teammate is an excellent strategy for covering different angles. However, be prepared to trade kills when your partner is killed or in combat.
  • The effective use of grenadessmoke grenades, Molotovs, and flash grenades can completely change the course of a round.
  • Clear and concise communication with your teammates is vital. To help your team win, you should call enemy positions, movements, and intentions to your teammate.

Economy Management in CS2 Wingman

Effectively managing your CS2 Wingman economy is crucial in this mode, as resources are more limited than in traditional matches. Here are some fundamental points for managing your economy in CS2 Wingman:

  • Budgeting: understand when to save and when to spend. Sometimes, sacrificing a round to save money can give you a stronger position in subsequent rounds. Most often, players buy budget weapons, in this case, to quickly rush the enemy bomb site and not be much inferior in economy to their opponents.
  • Weapon selection: In Wingman mode, SMGs and Shotguns are trendy because they are among the top guns in the current patch. You can buy Armor + MAC-10(T) or Armor + MP9(CT). If you prefer an SMG, it has a huge fire potential and perfectly shows itself when you rush.
  • Utilities: Use all kinds of grenades because they can be the decisive moment in the round. Flash can help you quickly get to the site, and Molotov can easily smoke the enemy out of cover. Smoke will help cut off the enemy's view and let you move around the map peacefully.

Counter-Strike 2 Wingman Rating System Explained

To climb in ranks effectively, focus on specific skill improvements such as aiming, map knowledge, and utility usage. Regular practice in these areas can lead to noticeable improvements in your gameplay. Participating in community forums or watching professional Wingman matches can provide additional information and Wingman tips to help improve your play.
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So, what are all the CS2 Wingman ranks? Check out the list below:

  • Silver I
  • Silver II
  • Silver II
  • Silver IV
  • Silver Elite
  • Silver Elite Master
  • Gold Nova I
  • Gold Nova II
  • Gold Nova III
  • Gold Nova Master
  • Master Guardian I
  • Master Guardian II
  • Master Guardian Elite
  • Distinguished Master Guardian
  • Legendary Eagle
  • Legendary Eagle Master
  • Supreme Master First Class
  • Global Elite

You'll notice that Wingman uses the same ranking system as the standard Competitive mode. To train these skills, we emphasize the following stages:

Aimlabs / Kovaaks

AimLabs is the ultimate marksmanship training solution that combines advanced performance tracking and analysis with machine learning to make you better quickly.

KovaaK's, a popular aim training tool, faces tough competition from Aim Labs.

Although Aim Labs is more popular, KovaaK's has a unique approach to improving the aim. Using KovaaK's can be both addictive and competitive and requires a lot of dedication and hard work.


These maps allow you to practice in-game situations when defending or retaking a bomb site. You start on the attacking or defending side each round and switch positions. This is an excellent map for improving your understanding of the game and the correct way to rush the site. These maps can be found on the Internet or CS2 community servers.


Regular training on Deathmatch will allow you to improve your overall game performance, and most importantly - you will stop being afraid of death because, after each death, you will respawn and continue your training.

Twitch / Youtube

Watching streams of professional players is very good for developing an understanding of the game and your imagination, i.e., you will be able to realize more tactics. Also, you can watch how the spray pattern works by watching pro players. It's about the same as watching replays.
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Watching your replays is the best way to see your mistakes during the game and to neutralize them in the future. Replays can be watched directly from CS2. To understand How to Download and Watch Demos in CS2, you can read our guide.

How Are The Maps Modified?

The maps used in Wingman mode, also referred to as bomb defusal maps, have their distinct characteristics and tend to be in favor of the Counter-Terrorist (CT) side. These maps are comparatively smaller than the regular ones and feature only one designated bomb site, resulting in concentrated and high-pressure gameplay. Becoming well-versed in these maps is essential to excelling in Wingman mode. The maps in Wingman mode, also known as bomb defusal maps, are unique and often CT-sided. They are smaller than regular CS2 maps and have only one dedicated bomb site, making for focused and intense gameplay. Knowing these maps well is key to Wingman mode success.

Counter-terrorists have a strategic advantage in Wingman mode, with their spawn location being closer to the bomb site.

Here is a list of the Counter-Strike Wingman maps that are currently available:

  • Overpass
  • Vertigo
  • Nuke
  • Inferno

Why Wingman is Popular

In this mode, you will have to face the fact that you will have to rely on your comrade because you are playing 2vs2. This fosters a sense of community and teamwork even among players who usually play solo, making Wingman very popular among players.

Wingman can be played with your buddy, so friends often get together to play a quick 2vs2 game and show their opponents how cool and cohesive they are.

Remember that Wingman has a competitive spirit. The mode features a rank system from Silver 1 to Global Elite, and the rank in Wingman is displayed below the ranks of the main competitive modes, such as Premier.

Wingman mode also features tournaments like the Sprout x Endgame Gear Wingman Tournament. Therefore, players are interested in this mode to win the prize pool.


Counter-Strike 2's Wingman mode offers a unique and intense gaming adventure. It features smaller teams, shorter matches, and a single-bomb defusal site that tests your skills.

The Blix team advises our readers who want to step up into CS2 to play Wingman mode at least once to hone their skills and enjoy the game.

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