Dataminer finds new evidence of coming implementation of Source 2

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Modified  30 Aug, 16:07
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Valve assigned CS:GO version, which is supposedly a Source 2 port with the same ID as the version already available to all users on the classic engine - 730, dataminer Aquarius reported.

He noted that before CS:GO appeared with ID 730, the developers created a backup copy of the shooter. After that, they updated some client/server settings and localization files.

The official release date of CS:GO on the Source 2 engine is still unknown. Valve representatives also did not report on the update in the game. However, towards the end of June, rumors appeared that the transition would take place in August 2022. But later on, dataminer and YouTube-blogger Maxim "gabefollower" Poletaev reported that Valve will not have time to release the engine in the summer.