Sources: Diplex and Emenes reached verbal agreement with Cloud9

Modified  3 Nov, 14:39
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According to sources close to BLIX.GG, Dimitri "Diplex" Ponomarev and Jang "EMENES" Min-soo have reached a verbal agreement with Cloud9 to compete with them in 2023.

All indications are that Diplex will be the main team midlaner and Emenes will be the academy midlaner. But it could be changed in the future.

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Diplex is one of the most promising players of the last years, the 19-years-old German has been competing since 2021 in Vitaliy.

The French club always had him in the academy, but there were many times when they thought about promoting him to the main team. He would eventually end up in one of the flagship teams in North America.

Emenes is a Korean player who was competing in the Excel academy, the Excel academy disappeared, so it seems that the North American organization will be his new team.

The player was valued very well by almost all coaches in Europe. They finished second in the NLC summer split.

Cover Image Credit: Riot Games.