Dota 2: North America's DPC Tour 3 - A Recap of Week 4

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We had the chance to watch yet another week of interesting matches, filled with tons of back-and-forth action. Since there are just a couple of games until Tour 3 comes to an end, every victory is crucial. After all, only two teams from Division I will head to the Major, which will also take place in the UK.

Speaking of teams, the best in NA had to go against each other in yet another week full of epic matches. We had the chance to see several matches that were worth it, so let’s go through them.

Quincy Crew defeated nouns

There were a couple of big matches we had to pay attention to - one of them was between QC and nouns. The latter is one of the teams in NA that has all the chances of qualifying for the Major. Even though the team is new, it consists of some of the bests in the region.

Sadly, getting a slot from NA for the Major is difficult because there are four big players here. Quincy Crew is one of them, which is why this match was even more important.

Although most of us expected a gruesome three-game thriller, the reality was different. Yawar "YawaR" Hassan and the rest preserved their undefeated streak after winning both games. With five victories after five matches, it seems like QC will be one of NA’s representatives at the PGL Arlington Major.

The Games

Regarding the two games in this series, we can safely say they were fun to watch. QC used the deadly Lifestealer and Puck combo that became popular in this patch. The laning stage was not good for their carry, but a couple of big team fights gave the hero a couple of kills. This was enough to make him a lot stronger than nouns’s heroes.

Speaking of the devil, Moo and the rest focused on having a solid mid game. Hence, the team picked heroes that allowed them to take big fights. Although things looked good, this draft did not pay off. QC won the important fights. And since nouns had no way of defeating their opponent’s deadly cores, the team had to use the GG call.

After losing game one, Moo and the rest tried everything in their power to win the second match. Consequently, the team picked Doom and Tiny - two of their signature heroes. Normally, they are enough for the team to win but this time QC was prepared.

After getting Ember Spirit and Medusa, QC played flawlessly and ensured that both heroes had enough farm. They were not that strong early on, but after the big fight near the mid lane, Medusa gained an enormous advantage. Sadly, nouns had no way of killing her, even with Doom. This led to the team’s first loss in Division I.

felt are definitely going in Division II

Nothing is certain until the last week of Tour 3, at least when it comes down to the winners. However, we already know the name of the first team that won’t be able to compete in Division I for Tour 4. Its name is felt, and the team has lost all of its matches so far.

Instead of winning the games against the opponents that they should’ve defeated, the team struggled against all of them. What’s even worse is that felt hasn’t won a single game yet. Although they were close a couple of times, the team is yet to win.

This week was awful for the team because it started by losing the series against 5RAT. Their opponents also did not have a single victory, but this is no longer the case. Winning this match was extremely important for the team because it would put them in an excellent position to save their spot in Division I.

After losing against 5RAT, felt had a mountain to climb because the team had to go up against TSM. Needless to say, the finalists of ESL One Stockholm 2022 had to win this match if they wanted to keep their chances for the upcoming Major. As a result, David "MoonMeander" Tan Boon Yang and the rest used some of their best heroes.

Unsurprisingly, the team dominated both games and gave their opponents almost no chance of bouncing back. There were a few intense teamfights, but in the end, TSM won. This means the team keeps its chances of securing one of the slots for the Major.

EG’s victory puts them in second place in Division I

As mentioned earlier, North America is a region in Dota 2 where only the first two teams will receive a slot for the Major. Usually, EG is one of the names that stand out, but the team’s shaky performance in the last few months jeopardizes its chances of qualifying.

Despite losing one match already, Arteezy and the rest bounced back and won everything after that. The team’s latest victory is against 5RATS which took place this week.

As expected, EG had little to no competition in both games and showed everyone they were the better team. Game one allowed us to watch the legendary Arteezy Ursa, a hero that EG picks when they want to win. Their opponents tried countering them with Sniper, Timber, and Clock. But this was not enough.

EG’s dominant performance in the laning stage allowed RTZ to secure an early Rosh and a solid lead. Needless to say, the player used to snowball and kill his opponents. Although 5RATS had the tools to stop her, Ursa was too powerful and gave her team the lead in the match.

5RATS wanted to try an interesting tactic in game two and picked Nature’s Prophet and Earth Spirit. Sadly, things did not go according to plan because EG rolled out their classic Lycan setup. Unsurprisingly, the NA powerhouse crushed their opponents and won the match in just 23 minutes.

By the looks of it, NA is the most exciting region to watch because four teams will be fighting for two slots. QC, EG, and nouns seem like the favorites for now. However, TSM is also close, so we can’t wait to see what will happen in the following weeks.

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