Dota 2 Update: Top 6 Carry Heroes in Patch 7.32e

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The latest Dota 2 Update took place around a week ago, giving us access to a lot of new content. The Dead Reckoning update featured a new hero called Muerta, new options, cosmetic items, and various changes to heroes and items. Naturally, all of those things had an effect on the meta.

Following the changes, some of the heroes that we were used to seeing are no longer a part of the game. Lina, for example, received tons of nerfs that made her win rate go down by more than 10%. Needless to say, pub and pro players replaced her with other top-tier carries, which we’re about to take a look at.


Starting with the elephant in the room, we can see that Spectre is slowly becoming the new meta-carry in the Dota 2 patch 7.32e. Even though the late-game monster hasn’t received any major changes, the buff to Radiance has made her a lot more popular than before.

Besides having the highest win rate (more than 56%), Spectre is more than just a pub star. In fact, we’ve seen that some of the best teams in the world count on her, which means we will most likely see a lot more from her in the future.

Besides the popular item built with Radiance, Spectre is a hero that can also focus on the Aghs + Manta item built. However, since Radiance got cheaper, she can get it even faster, use the damage to farm, and participate in team fights.


We’ve already talked about Clinkz in our previous article about the biggest winners of the Dota 2 patch 7.32e. One of the most annoying carries in the game received a small buff, but it seems like it is enough to keep it in the meta.

What’s interesting about Clinkz is that the hero also benefits from the Solar Crest buff. Although not the most popular item for him, some players decide to get it so they can have even more impact early on.

A few days after the arrival of the new patch, Clinkz has more than a 55% win rate, which is really impressive. In fact, it makes him the 2nd-best hero to get in the Dota 2 carry role, after Spectre.

Legion Commander

Even though LC is not a carry because most people go in the offlane, we’ve seen the hero in position 1 several times now. She’s not a hero who works in every scenario, but she can be extremely useful against elusive heroes, such as Ember or Storm.

Interestingly, Legion Commanded didn’t receive any changes in patch 7.32e. In fact, the small adjustments to some of the popular items also don’t have that big of an effect on the hero. However, considering that people pick names like Spectre and Clinkz, LC can be a solid option because she can put the heroes in place long enough to kill them.


AM is back in the meta after being away for some time. Even though we haven’t seen the carry in action among professionals, he appears more often in PUBs than before. This probably doesn’t come as a surprise because he received a pretty big buff.

After releasing the new Dota 2 patch 7.32e, AM’s win rate is around 54.30%. Needless to say, this makes him one of the best heroes in his position, especially when he gets the chance to play against INT cores. Heroes like Storm and Invoker are becoming popular again, so we expect to see a lot more from AM in the future.

With that said, AM has several big counters that players need t be aware of. In fact, Legion Commanded is one of them, so the fact that this hero is famous means that Anti-Mage won’t be an instant pick.


The next name on the list may surprise some people because he’s not as popular as the rest. Lycan is a hero that you can usually see among the highest MMR Dota 2 brackets. Of course, he’s also a hero who often gets to shine in professional games.

Despite the fact that patch 7.32e didn’t change anything about Lycan, the hero benefits a lot from the buffs of some items. For example, many Lycan players go for Solar Crest because it allows them to kill everyone in the early game.

Nullifier is also an item that many Lycan players go for, and it also received some buffs. Regarding his current win rate, Lycan sits at around 53.50%, which is much better than expected. However, this percentage will drop a bit because he will become popular in all skill brackets.

Lone Druid

Lastly, we have a hero that we don’t normally see in-game that much, especially when it comes down to pubs. However, it seems like this will change in the current Dota 2 patch because Lone Druid is slowly making his way into the meta. The last time this happened was a few years ago when people picked the hero for the mid-lane and used the crazy range item built.

Like Spectre, Lone Druid didn’t receive any significant changes in the new update. In fact, the hero didn’t get anything new at all, but the buffs to Radiance automatically made him popular in the current meta. This probably doesn’t come as a surprise because he’s one of the best Radiance carriers in the game.

Around a week after the arrival of the latest Dota 2 update, Lone Druid has slightly more than a 52% win rate. It may not seem as impressive as other options on the list, but we expect this percentage to increase. LD is not a hero that everyone can play, so people who pick him usually know what they’re doing.


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