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Let’s take a look at what happened during Week 3 of the 2023 DPC in South America.

Even though BC and Thunder Awaken dominated the South American Dota 2 scene, the arrival of EG changed everything. Normally, these 3 teams wouldn’t have any problems qualifying for the Major, but since SA only has 2 slots, the battle is fierce.

The best matches in South America were supposed to take place during Week 3 of the 2023 SA DPC. Even though we had an idea of which teams would secure their Major slot, it was interesting to see what would happen in each match. So, let’s check out the results of the most intriguing clashes.

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BC defeated Alliance’s South American Team

It seems like beastcoast did its homework in 2023 because the team has been flawless so far. The team’s most recent victim was Alliiance’s South American squad, a team that bounced back after losing 2 series early on. Sadly, luck was not on their side, despite winning one game in the series.,

Speaking of winning, Alliance was way better in the First Game. BC had a really strong draft with Visage and Sven, but for some reason, the team lost the laning stage. So, instead of ripping through their enemies in the mid-game, bc had under-farmed cores that couldn’t do much. Needless to say, this was good news for Alliance, who used it and won the map.

The bad news is that Games 2 and 3 did not go as planned for 4nalog and his team. Despite having Morphling in the second one, BC countered him with TB and Timbersaw. The early game wasn’t easy, but in the end, BC’s cores became too strong for their opponents.

As for the Third Game of the series, BC decided to test Void and Leshrac. Even though the game wasn’t easy because of Alliance’s annoying draft, in the end, beastcoast won and secured its first place in Division I, at least for now.

Thunder Awaken failed to defeat EG

As mentioned earlier, there are 3 big teams in South America, and EG and Thunder Awaken were among them. TA had little to no competition before, but now, with only 2 slots for the Major, Alone and the rest had to step up their game. Unfortunately, they lost one of the most important series of the week against Evil Geniuses.

Most fans of the South American 2023 DPC expected this series to be epic. However, Evil Geniuses was on another level and didn’t give its opponents any chances of winning. The match ended in just one hour and put the newcomers in SA one step closer to qualifying for the Major.

In the First Game of the series, Evil Geniuses picked a very tank draft and focused on brute force. TA tried countering them with Zeus and Morphling, but the team didn’t have the best laning stage. Zeus was under-farmed and didn’t have enough firepower to stop the brutes from taking over the game.

TA changed its tactic for the Second Game and got Bloodseeker and Shadow Fiend. However, the two heroes couldn’t win against the annoying Nature’s Prophet, Silencer and Lershac. Despite giving everything, they got, TA lost this match in the 2023 DPC South America Division I.

BC vs Thunder Awaken

Even though week 3 of the South America DPC Division I gave us access to many interesting series, the one between bc and Thunder Awaken was definitely the most anticipated match.

The two SA powerhouses have been in a constant battle for several years, but it seems like BC has the edge, at least now. DarkMago and the rest continued their perfect score and didn’t lose any maps to Thunder Awaken. This victory was enough to shatter Alone and his team’s dreams of securing a slot for the Major.

Game 1 between the two was one-sided because bc ripped through their opponents from the beginning. TA tried an interesting draft that focused on Faceless Void’s Chrono. The team even had solid ganking capabilities, but BC’s rotations and laning stage were on another level. In the end, the South American powerhouse needed just 25 minutes to win.

Even though BC dominated in the First Game, the second match between the two squads lasted more than an hour. TA was fighting for its life because the team had to win to keep its chances of qualifying for the major. Despite giving everything they had, after one hour of play, beastcoast took down TA to win the match.

Thunder Awaken’s Naga Siren was pretty strong and dealt a lot of damage, but she was no match for the Mars, CK, and BM combo. Although the team was close to winning the game several times, it didn’t have enough firepower and lost the match and the series.

This was the final nail in the coffin for TA because after winning, BC became the 2nd team from South America that will receive a slot for the Major.

After defeating TA, BC also won its final series of Tour 1 versus EG. This was a highly anticipated match that gave us access to 2 amazing games. Although both played well, BC was above the rest and won the match.

Now that the matches in South America’s Division I are over, we can say that BC and Evil Geniuses deserved their Major slots. The two squads were almost flawless and had little to no competition. Normally, people expect Thunder Awaken to be on the list, but it seems like the post-TI 11 roster changes had an effect on the squad.

Speaking of the devil, TA failed to shine, but the team will remain in Division I for Tour 2. This also applies to Infinity, Keyd Stars, and Alliance.LATAM. Sadly, Infamous and Ravens couldn’t live up to the expectations and will have to play in Division II.


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