Sources: Eika has reached a verbal agreement to be the midlaner of Team Aegis

Modified  28 Oct, 17:13
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According to close sources, former LDLC midlaner Eika had reached an agreement some time ago to be the Midlaner of Shaunz, Mistermv and DrFeelGood organization.

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Team Aegis has been selected as the new LFL team as was also previously reported by LEC_Wooloo. The team formed by the French streamers will enter the league after the departure of Misifits Premier from LFL, sources told BLIX.GG on Thursday. Among applicants there were several teams, including NA organizations with a large fanbase.

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Team Aegis is an organization formed by 3 owners: Shaunz, Mistermv and DrFeelGood. They started competing in TFT, but after the acquisition of this new spot they will also compete in League of Legends.

Lounet, former LDLC manager, will be in charge of the project (previously reported by LEC_Wooloo).
Following BLIX.GG's information, they already have a player selected, this would be former LDLC midlaner Jérémy "Eika" Valdenaire. Eika is a player with a great career, this past year he won the two splits of the LFL and was on the verge of winning the EU Master