El1an: "ENCE and Liquid were interested in me, but I chose to stick with Entropiq"

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Modified  16 Sep, 07:55
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15th of September, Aleksey "El1an" Gusev, was transfer-listed in Entropiq in a mutual agreement from both sides.

Talking to Metaratings after, he mentioned that multiple organizations were interested in signing him: "It's true that G2 kept an eye on me, but the organizations [Entropiq and G2] didn't find an agreement. Objectively, Ilya m0NESY is stronger than me, plus he has a media value, so I think it was 50/50 there anyway, and considering that my buyout was costly, the choice fell on Ilya. ENCE and Liquid were also interested in me, but I chose to stick with Entropiq".

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In a Twitlonger, El1an mentioned that right after RMR he let Entropiq know he would leave the team after ESL Challenger Melbourne.

"What are the reasons of my slump? Banal lack of confidence, the last half a year or a year as if I wasn't playing at all. I couldn't recognize myself, different thoughts interfered my ingame process, due to this i made weak decisions in the game, and therefore everything was only getting more rough. I have been working with hooch, XomA and NickelBack since 2017, with breaks, but still... ...With Dart i've been working even more, since 2016.
We were tired of each other too much. Claims have accumulated, and it obviously does not add confidence.
And how does lack of confidence work? Right, the mind intervenes where everything should happen automatically"Aleksey said.

El1an thinks that everyone is in a winning position with his departure from the active roster of Entropiq. Over the next couple of months Gusev is planning to spend time playing a lot of FACEIT, pugs, and he will be working on regaining confidence.

"I will come back stronger, that ever" – El1an ended his Twitlonger.