Everything you need to know about the 2022 Free Fire Wonderland event

Published  12 Apr, 04:29
Reading time  ~2  mins

The Free Fire Fire Wonderland 2022 event holds in-game from 10 April to May 3. During Free Fire Wonderland 2022, players will be able to get several vouchers and tokens and participate in several missions. The tokens obtained can be exchanged during the Easter Exchange period for a Frenzy Bunny Backpack, among other items.

All Free Fire Wonderland prizes

The Free Fire Wonderland event will begin with a Guild War Mode where players can earn gun skins and two incubator vouchers. These items will last from April 16 to 17 and will be available to users who play Guild Wars mode.

Moreover, from April 15 to 22, players can collect tokens through missions and after match drop for easter exchange.

Token exchange for items is as follows:

  • 35 Blue Bunny Token and 3 Pink Bunny Token = Frenzy Bunny pack
  • 15 Blue Bunny Token and 1 Pink Bunny Token = Surfboard
  • 10 Blue Bunny Token = Diamond Royale Voucher
  • 2 Blue Bunny Token = Pet food
  • 1 Pink Bunny Token = Robo box

Furthermore, the 2022 Free Fire Wonderland event contains three missions players can participate in to earn crates, skins, tokens, weapons, and diamond royale vouchers. The first mission, known as the Investigative mission, is already underway and will end on April 15.

Admin Return mission begins on April 16, and players can earn a pet skin and gun skins. The last mission, Easter End, will begin on April 18 and end on 22.

Additionally, the event will have Wonderland Peak Day, which will run from April 15 to April 18. Players who participate on those days will have the opportunity to obtain cube fragments, vouchers, Mad Brickman Loot, and AN94 Carrot Imp head skin.

Players can also continue to earn rewards from the BTS Gen FF event while participating in Free Fire Wonderland.