Female Scene CS:GO Bold Predictions List: 2023

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The ESL Impact circuit has been the stage for the best players to excel against the rest of their peers in the female competitive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scene. Far beyond watching Nigma Galaxy Female continue their dominance in the circuit’s history with their three consecutive titles, it allows fans to look at individuals who have distinguished themselves as the main strength behind their team’s performance. Players like Olga “olga” Rodrigues and Ana “ANa” Dumbravă are such examples of said excellence.

Even so, watching the best is not the only purpose ESL Impact has for its players and fans. The circuit also serves as a springboard for young players looking to make a name for themselves in the budding scene. Likewise, it has seen a fair number of rookie talent already reach the main stage, and as the calendar turns to 2023, there’s a growing sense of intrigue as to who will step up in this upcoming season.

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It is with this anticipation that BLIX.GG is creating a bold predictions list revolving around the female CS:GO scene for the 2023 season. Here’s a list of players fellow competitors, coaches, and notable broadcast talent who believe will make an impact in the female CS:GO scene in 2023.

Prospect – Nadjila "poppins" Sanchez. Picks – 2

poppins, image credit: B4 Esports

Picked by:

Hege "Hedje" Botnen

Brazilian super-talent Poppins is only 16 years old and after spending the majority of last year on the bench due to age restrictions, she returned to the active roster following the player break. We then witnessed a fearless and bold entry player and as she gained more experience she became more dangerous.

She will be a crucial part of the puzzle in 2023, as B4 esports is expected to elevate their play further and truly challenge region leader FURIA. I really enjoy her explosive playstyle and look forward to watching Poppins pop off in 2023.

Lucy "LucyLuce" Eastwood

Poppins is my bold prediction for 2023.

She is the latest addition to the South American team B4 Esports. At just 16 she has already proven herself more than capable of going toe to toe with the best in her region, qualifying for and playing at the ESL Impact Season 2 finals, as well as in two big domestic events wins. Poppins was actually meant to play with the team much earlier in the year, but had been too young to play the official circuits!

While FURIA is considered the best South American team, the B4 Demons (as their women's squad is called) are a very strong contender, having recently beaten FURIA in December at the Gamers Club Masters Feminina VI, the largest women's event in South America. Poppins was named MVP of this event, which is huge when you consider it one of the first major events she has played with the team.

Her performance on LAN at ESL Impact Season 2 finals wasn't groundbreaking, but it's understandable that the first big international LAN for a 16-year-old, as well as her first time in front of a crowd, is going to be a learning experience. With this behind her, and now more time in the server with the team, I expect Poppins to be one of the biggest stars of South American women's CSGO in 2023.

Prospect – Paula "paula" Ramanauskas. Picks – 2

paula, image credit – Twitter, @paulabiceps

Picked by:

Jessica "Jesscas" Ngo

My bold prediction for this year is Paula from Saints, who I believe to be an upcoming AWPer in the women's CS:GO scene. She has been around the scene for a while, playing casually since 2016, and now competitively with the creation of ESL impact and I believe it is now her time to shine!

From previously playing with her, I know that she is first and foremost a team player and is willing to be the backbone of her team, holding it together with her positive presence. On top of that, she has talent. She can hit really great shots with her AWP, and even notoriously, a P90. I remember when we were playing together, I saw her headshot kill someone long from A site on Dust2 with the P90 and it was so hilarious and amazing to see her get that kill. I expect to see great growth and performance from her this year!

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Mounira "GooseBreeder" Dobie

I think Paula is someone who will make an impact this year. She and her team Saints managed to beat EG playing well & qualified for Katowice. When we've played them in the past I saw a lot of potential in parts of their game. Historically she's shown up as consistent and I can't imagine how much she'll improve with the backing of an org.

Prospect – Paulie "pauliiee" Barazani. Picks – 2

pauliiee is rightmost, image credit – Twitter @NIP

Picked by:

Tilde "7licious" Byström

My bold prediction is pauliiee who’s playing in NiP now.

She’s very young with a lot of potential, she has a crazy aim and has shown already that she can perform super well vs the best teams in the scene. I’m very impressed.

Wiktoria "vicu" Janicka

She is a young player who (so I think) if she gets a good role in the team and will be used well can develop very strongly. She has shown herself very well individually on more than one occasion, and I think that for a young player with a lot of potential, she needs more attention and a while to settle down.

Prospect – Anna "Ann4" Laurinoviča. Picks – 1

Ann4, image credit – Twitter @Ann4CSGO

Picked by Anastasija "Heccu" Tolmačeva

I believe that in 2023 we’ll be seeing more of Ann4. Throughout the year she competed in almost every Impact cash cup/qualifier, in which her run would usually get stopped by the tournament's eventual winner, In 2022 Ann4 already got to play on the big stage in Valencia and I’m sure that this year the hard work will guarantee her a more consistent appearance at LANs.

Prospect – Hania "Hanka" Pudlis. Picks – 1

Picked by Aida "Aida" Simão

Hanka is already striving on her team at only 18 years old. Navi Javelins improve each day and are very hardworking. I believe Hanka will be a pillar of their success in 2023 and she will be a very complete player by the end of it.

NAVI Javelins. Hanka is in the middle. Image credit – ESL

Prospect – Aleksandra "Mrs_Fire" Król. Picks – 1

Picked by Adrian "AlcesT" Chyziak

My choice is our Polish strength, Mrs_Fire. She is a very young person, who has very good individual skills, knows how to make quick and correct decisions, and learns very quickly from her mistakes. I hope that she will get a chance in some bigger projects and she will be able to show her skills and will be able to develop them.

Prospect – Bruna "brunakiller" Bonfati. Picks – 1

brunakiller competing in GC Masters Feminina V (Credit: Lucas Spricigo)

Picked by Igor "darkpsy" Zaniboni

My selected player is brunakiller from w7m Gaming.

I think she has great individual skills with rifles and a huge margin of growth in the game she only plays for 2 years competitive if she has a chance in an experienced team she can show what she's capable of and can be one of the bests in that scenario.

Prospect – Isadora "yodinha2k" Zago. Picks – 1

yodinha2k, image credit – MIBR YouTube

Picked by Lara "goddess" Baceiredo

Eighteen-years-old yodinha is my bold prediction for 2023. She is a great AWPer who has been standing out in the last string of important matches for her team. For me, she is an obvious choice for the category and has just completed a transfer from W7M to MIBR. I believe that she is now on the right team with players who are more experienced than her former teammates and who will certainly help her develop her skills further. She is a skilled aggressive AWPer who is always looking for kills and advantages. She had great games against MIBR and it's no wonder they decided to bring her to the team. I believe she will have a great 2023 individually as she now has everything she needs to stand out even more.

Prospect – Vivienne "BiBiAhn" Quach. Picks – 1

BiBiAhn, image credit – BiBiAhn's Instagram account

Picked by Viktor "flashie" Bea

I had a chance to observe and be part of Vivienne’s development in the last 6 months and I am confident that she has the best mechanics in the Women’s scene all over the world. She is also a hard working player with a really good attitude so I am sure she will show all of it this year.

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