FFWS Preview – LOUD and Vivo Keyd

Published  13 May, 20:37
Reading time  ~3  mins

The international tournaments for the Garena’s Battle Royal are back this month with the Free Fire World Series being realized on 14th May and 21st May. FFWS will have two phases, the first one is the Play-in where 10 teams will fight for four spots to the Finals.

Brazilians won’t miss the tournament in their chance to take the second international tournament for the country after Corinthians get able to win the 2019’s edition of FFWS. Vivo Keyd will play the Play-ins after a second place in the Brazilian League while the champion of the domestic competition, LOUD is already in the Finals.

LOUD: seeking what is missing in the trophy room

LOUD is the only team that attended all the editions of FFWS, the last one in Singapore achieved second place in the Finals while in 2019 the team didn’t go further than 9th place. Even though LOUD had brilliant performances in the Brazilian league, the team was struggling to take the next step and achieve the tittles. With minimum changes in the roster, LOUD won the first LBFF edition and the new addition shined, Luan “Lost” Souza. The Brazilian player joined the roster at the beginning of the year and already made difference, putting the fans asking if this was the piece that was missing in the team. Lost was the MVP of the Finals and ended the competition in the team of the tournament alongside Yago from B4, Bops from Magic Squad and Gus from Los Grandes. LOUD still counts with the inevitable Cauan “Cauan7” Silva and the experiences in the game Ariano “Kroonos” Soares and Willian “Noda” Oliveira.

After the addition of Lost, seems LOUD turned the key but will they be able to get that so desired international tournament?

VK: Need to reward consistency

Vivo Keyd will go along with LOUD to Singapore. The team has kept a huge consistency in its results. Keyd was able to win Stage 2 of LBFF in the past year and the last stage of 2021 and the first one in 2022, the Brazilian team got in both editions second place. The organization has been capable to keep its core of players that is maintaining the team in the high level - Fernando “NANDO9” Fernandes, Gerson “GNERALXX” Júnior, Matheus “MODESTIA” da Silva and Jardel “DeadGOD” Araújo. Ítalo “Stark” Barros is the Keyd’s coach and one of the team’s secrets for the team to not have peaks and downs in the team performance. Will Vivo Keyd be able to carry this consistency to the international tournaments?