Foxz: “After facing NTH, we realized that we are both actually at the same level…we want them to do well and I think they can make it to the grand finals.”

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XERXIA’s' participation in the 2022 VCT Stage 2 Masters: Copenhagen tournament ended prematurely as they fell to Japan's Northeption 2-1 to bow out of the group stage in last place of Group A.

Despite coming into the event with high expectations on building from their international success from last season, XERXIA receives the bitter honor of becoming the first squad eliminated from the Danish capital. Regardless, whether it was because of the low time they had at their disposal to prepare for the event or the subsequent mistakes they committed during those all-important matches, XERXIA will surely reflect on their shortcomings and return with a renewed focus for Valorant Champions 2022, of which they have qualified for as APAC's second seed via circuit points.

After losing to Northeption, members of XERXIA spoke to the media to discuss their elimination, how they will rebound for Champions and their expectations for Northeption for the rest of Masters.

To Yuttanagorn "Zeus" Kaewkongyai: Did that series against Northeption go to your expectations in terms of maps, agent picks, and strategies?

Zeus: The match essentially matched our expectations, but I think we made a lot of mistakes as well, and they took advantage of that through the way they play also.

For anyone: How well as a team do you think you guys did in limiting the impact of Meteor on the server?

Thanamethk "Crws" Mahatthananuyut: In terms of the last map, we couldn't really do much. He had space, and we couldn't clear them out. That's why he took up so much space in a way that it was hard for us to take control in certain parts of the map. We did a really bad job in controlling him, so that's why it resulted in the loss.

To Nutchapon "sScary" Matarat: Do you guys have any idea why we're seeing so many 2-1's at this Masters across the entire group stage since it's not very common across this stage historically speaking.

sScary: In my own opinion, I think we actually did better than the last two teams that we played against, but because of our own mistakes, we couldn't manage to win those games.