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The MP7 from XDefiant is a submachine gun currently used to measure weapons in the game. The weapon has a high rate of fire, making it ideal for quick kills in close-range firefights. It also has the best mobility among other submachine guns in the game, and its accuracy stands out. This is why it ranks pretty high in the meta.

However, the MP7 can be improved to make it practically invulnerable. The team has spent some time with the MP7 in different modes and on various maps and has selected the best gear for it, considering all its weaknesses and the players' opinions.

If you prefer to play in a "run and gun" style, the best gear for MP7 XDefiant will be your best friend. Use the weapon with the Barrel Extender muzzle, Superlight front rail, Quick magazine, Quick Draw rear grip, and Padded stock.

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XDefiant has started a ranking system, as announced on Twitter.


  • MP7 loadout build for different cases - from universal to damage increase
  • Selection of secondary weapons as well as devices for MP7
  • Determining which factions are best to use the MP7 with

How to Unlock MP7


Unlike the MP5A2, the MP7 doesn't come pre-unlocked, and you need to pass this fundamental challenge to get the submachine gun. The MP7 can be unlocked by completing 20 point-blank kills with the submachine gun (within 5 meters).

The Best MP7 Loadout Build

Barrel Extender

Muzzle: Barrel Extender

+10% short and medium range

-10% recoil recovery and sprint speed

Front Rail: Superlight

+10% ADS speed

+2.5% movement speed

-10% recoil recovery

Magazine: Quick Mag

+5 magazine size

+15% reload speed

Rear Grip: Quick Draw

+10% sprint-shoot time and ADS speed

-15% ADS stability

Stock: Padded

+15% recoil recovery

+10% ADS stability

+5% ADS flinch control

Superlight Grip

While the MP7 does excellent damage at close range, we will make it even more versatile by adding the Barrel Extender. This boosts its short and medium range at the cost of recovery and sprint speed.

However, with the Superlight Front Rail, which increases mobility and aiming speed, we will remove the barrel extender's unnecessary effect. However, it further reduces recoil recovery. Again, we choose an attachment to counteract this.

The Padded stock boosts recoil recovery, ADS stability, and flinch control with no downsides. We need to make the weapon move even faster in close combat situations, and the Quick Draw Grip is perfect for this. It will give us a 10% increase in aiming speed and time from spread to shot. To round things up, add a Quick Mag or Fast Mag for faster reloads once you're done spraying bullets.

You can refrain from using the reflex sight optic, as the MP7 has a very crisp and clean iron sight that works well even at medium ranges.

The Best MP7 Loadout for Low Recoil

Padded Stock

We must change a few things in the previous build to reduce recoil.

The Barrel Extender and Stabilizing Barrel help increase the MP7's firepower and improve its horizontal and vertical recoil control.

Heavy Grip provides moderate recoil control and also adds ADS Flinch control.

The final assembly will look like this.

Muzzle: Barrel Extender

Barrel: Stabilizing

Front Rail: Tactical Grip

Rear Grip: Heavy Grip

Stock: Padded Stock

The Best MP7 Loadout for High Damage

Frag Grenade

For more damage, you can swap out Padded Stock for Collapsed Stock. This gives a nice 5% bonus to movement speed. Chrome Lined Barrel significantly increases the firepower, but you can keep the Barrel Extender.

We recommend combining this outfit with Frag Grenade to get explosives for all your enemies and hit as many opponents as possible.

On Reddit, players offer a similar build, though each player tweaks the loadout to suit their style and taste.

Secondary Weapons and Devices


Players' opinions differ when choosing a secondary weapon. The M9 is considered the easiest choice. It is a reliable gun that can get you out of a tight spot if caught reloading the MP7.

Your alternative to the M9 is the Colt M1911, which has more damage per bullet than the M9 but a smaller magazine with only seven rounds. Nevertheless, this gun is the best choice to finish the job if the MP7 runs out of ammunition. That's the kind of choice players make on Reddit.

Colt M1911

The Flashbang is the perfect choice for any SMG class. That means you need it to complement the best MP7 kit in XDefiant.

You'll have to move around the map, so blinding enemies before you enter a room or around a corner will ensure your success. If a teammate does the killing instead of you, you'll still get some XP for helping out.

Best Faction for MP7

Faction in XDefiant

Factions don't give any bonuses to your weapons or even movement. Instead, they have abilities that you can take advantage of.

You can use these weapons with any faction. However, choose the Echelon faction if you prefer to ambush and play more stealthily. They are invisible on the mini-map, and using their abilities, you are guaranteed at least one kill when you take enemies by surprise.

The Cleaners are also great for MP7, as their passive burn is applied to every bullet you fire. Moreover, both of their abilities are designed for close combat, which the MP7 is designed for.

The Libertad faction is also an excellent fit for our MP7 build. You can use healing abilities guaranteed to help you stay in combat longer.


An SMG is one of the best options for contesting objectives in modes like Domination, Occupy, and Escort. Thanks to its high mobility and fire rate, you can wipe out enemies fast if you're close to them.

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