The Best Guns In Arena Breakout

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The Blix team confirms that choosing the right weapon can distinguish between victory and defeat. That is true for non-mobile games like Helldivers—check our article to see. That is true for CoD Mobile, where we highlighted the best guns. And that is indeed true for Arena Breakout as well.

This guide highlights the best guns in each category, providing players with crucial insights into the most effective firearms for Season 4. By understanding the strengths and stats of these top-tier weapons, players can optimize their load-outs, enhance their gameplay strategies, and gain a significant edge over their opponents. Whether you prefer close-quarters combat or long-range engagements, this comprehensive list will help you select the ideal gun to dominate the battlefield.


  • Selection of the best gun of each type
  • Thorough stats for every weapon
  • Benefits explaining choice

Best Guns in Arena Breakout list

Assault Rifle - M4A1

Submachine Gun - MPX

Marksman Rifle - MK14

Sniper - AX50

Machine Gun - RPK-16

Shotgun - S12K

Carbine - SKS

Pistol - Gold Deagle

Best Assault Rifle - M4A1


Horizontal Recoil Control: 55

Vertical Recoil Control: 71

Ergonomics: 54

Accuracy: 41

Hip Fire Stability: 72

Effective Range: 91

Muzzle Velocity: 900

Firing Mode: Semi-Auto, Full Auto

Rate of Fire: 800

Magazine Sizes: 10/20/30/40/60/100

Ammo: 5.56x45 mm

Size: 6*2

Weight: 5.57

The M4A1 is a balanced and reliable assault rifle, making it a top choice for players at various skill levels. It excels in mid-range combat with its moderate damage and low recoil, providing excellent control and accuracy. Plus - popular on Reddit!

Best M4A1 Build! | Arena Breakout: Infinite


High versatility across different combat scenarios.

Low recoil makes it easy to handle.

Suitable for both beginners and experienced players.

Best Submachine Gun - MPX


Horizontal Recoil Control: 53

Vertical Recoil Control: 71

Ergonomics: 77

Accuracy: 25

Hip Fire Stability: 74

Effective Range: 57

Muzzle Velocity: 390

Firing Mode: Semi-Auto, Full Auto

Rate of Fire: 850

Magazine Sizes: 30/41/50

Ammo: 9x19 mm

Size: 4*2

Weight: 3.77

The MPX submachine gun stands out due to its high fire rate and effective recoil control. It's perfect for close to medium-range engagements, providing a high damage output that can quickly eliminate enemies. Also, check this Reddit build!

Cheapest MPX Build In Arena Breakout


  • High fire rate for quick takedowns.
  • Manageable recoil even during full-auto fire.
  • Adequate for aggressive, fast-paced gameplay​.

Best Sniper Rifle - AX50


Horizontal Recoil Control: 15

Vertical Recoil Control: 11

Ergonomics: 37

Accuracy: 90

Hip Fire Stability: 10

Effective Range: 180

Muzzle Velocity: 1825

Firing Mode: Bolt-Action

Rate of Fire: 26

Magazine Sizes: 5/10

Ammo: 12.7x99 mm

Size: 6*2

Weight: 10.24

The AX50 is a powerful bolt-action rifle known for its exceptional damage and precision. It's ideal for players who prefer long-range engagements and can take down enemies with a single shot. And "Why use AX50 in a normal valley match" discussion is worth checking on Reddit!

2 For 2 with AX50 - Arena Breakout


Exceptional damage output.

High precision at long distances.

It is effective for snipers who prioritize accuracy​.

Best Marksman Rifle - MK14


Horizontal Recoil Control: 57

Vertical Recoil Control: 59

Ergonomics: 52

Accuracy: 69

Hip Fire Stability: 54

Effective Range: 100

Muzzle Velocity: 853

Firing Mode: Semi-Auto, Full Auto

Rate of Fire: 700

Magazine Sizes: 20/30/50

Ammo: 7.62x51 mm

Size: 6*2

Weight: 8.14

The MK14 is a semi-automatic powerhouse that balances accuracy, power, and a manageable fire rate. Its more prominent magazine allows more shots before reloading, making it forgiving for follow-up shots or engaging multiple targets quickly. The title "Mk14 is such a good gun it can easily and quickly kill" on Reddit speaks for itself!

Best MK14 Build - Arena Breakout


  • High accuracy and damage.
  • More prominent magazines for more shots
  • Reliable for medium to long-range engagements​

Best Machine Gun - RPK-16


Horizontal Recoil Control:61

Vertical Recoil Control: 75

Ergonomics: 50

Accuracy: 49

Hip Fire Stability: 66

Effective Range: 110

Muzzle Velocity: 890

Firing Mode: Semi-Auto, Full Auto

Rate of Fire: 750

Magazine Sizes: 10/30/60/95/100

Ammo: 5.45x39 mm

Size: 4*2

Weight: 6.63

A single one is available in his category, but it's delicious. The RPK-16 combines an oversized magazine with manageable recoil, allowing sustained and accurate fire. It's excellent for suppressing enemies and covering long sightlines. As for builds - check this one on Reddit!

RPK-16 Is The Ideal Weapon For Everyone | Arena Breakout


  • Large magazine capacity for prolonged engagements.
  • Balanced recoil for better control.
  • Effective for both medium and long-range combat​.

Best Shotgun - S12K


Horizontal Recoil Control; 32

Vertical Recoil Control:30

Ergonomics: 65

Accuracy: 10

Hip Fire Stability: 51

Effective Range: 20

Muzzle Velocity: 396

Firing Mode: Semi-Automatic

Rate of Fire: 200

Magazine Sizes: 5/10/20

Ammo: 12x70 mm

Size: 5*2

Weight: 4.85

The S12K shotgun is noted for its fully automatic fire mode, delivering high damage quickly. It excels in close-quarters combat, making it perfect for aggressive playstyles. Further thoughts on that gun may be found in that thread!



  • Rapid fire rate for quick elimination of enemies.
  • High damage output in close range.
  • Manageable recoil for easier handling​.

Best Carbine - Mini14


Horizontal Recoil Control: 52

Vertical Recoil Control: 72

Ergonomics: 60

Accuracy: 70

Hip Fire Stability: 55

Effective Range: 100

Muzzle Velocity: 990

Firing Mode: Semi-Automatic

Rate of Fire: 600

Magazine Sizes: 10/20/30

Ammo: 5.56x45 mm

Size: 5*1

Weight: 4.22

The Mini14 is a versatile carbine with a high fire rate and moderate damage. It's suitable for close to medium-range combat and offers reasonable recoil control, making it a reliable choice for quick and accurate shots. "Best gun?" - asks a Reddit user briefly.

Zero Recoil Mini14 in Valley lockdown zone | Arena Breakout


  • High fire rate for rapid engagements.
  • Reasonable recoil control for improved accuracy.
  • Suitable for both beginners and experienced players

Best Pistol - Gold Deagle

Gold Deagle

Horizontal Recoil Control: 35

Vertical Recoil Control: 66

Ergonomics: 88

Accuracy: 30

Hip Fire Stability: 58

Effective Range: 60

Muzzle Velocity: 470

Firing Mode: Semi-Automatic

Rate of Fire: 300

Magazine Sizes: 8

Ammo: 0.44 Caliber

Size: 2*1

Weight: 1.87

The Gold Deagle is a powerful pistol capable of one-shot kills with precise aiming. It's precious when primary weapons are unavailable, providing significant backup firepower. Also, check the "What's the best pistol?" discussion.

Golden Deagle Headshots Hurt in Farm LockDown


  • High damage for one-shot kills.
  • Effective in close-quarters combat.
  • Valuable backup weapon in tight situations​.


In addition to the top guns listed, several other notable weapons deserve mention for their unique characteristics and situational advantages. The H416 assault rifle, known for its high customization potential and low recoil, offers unmatched versatility for mid to long-range skirmishes.

The P90 submachine gun excels in close-quarters combat with its excellent hip-fire precision and high magazine capacity. Meanwhile, the M24 sniper rifle provides faster handling and a faster rate of fire than the AX50, making it a reliable choice for long-distance engagements.

The M870 shotgun, a classic pump-action, offers better range and reliability for slightly longer distances. Finally, the M14 carbine, with its more prominent magazine and high ammo capacity, is ideal for medium-range battles.

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