Sources: Kaas is expected to join 100T as coach by 2023. Academy's support Busio is set to be promoted to the main roster

Modified  4 Nov, 22:05
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Christophe "Kaas" van Oudheusden has reportedly reached a verbal agreement with 100 Thieves to be the coach of the LCS team. Kaas has been the assistant coach of Mad Lions since 2020, if it happens he will move regionally to compete in North America, sources told BLIX.GG on Friday.

Kaas has been one of the top rated coaches in the European scene, in 2021 they managed to win both the Spring Split and Summer Split LECs.
2022 was a bit more chaotic, however, they still managed to qualify for the Worlds, although they ended up losing 0:3 against Evil Geniuses in the play-in stage.

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On the other hand, sources close to the move confirm that Busio is set to be promoted as the support of the LCS team in 100 Thieves. The 19-years-old support will be promoted to the main team after a year and some time in the 100 Thieves academy.

Busio will be the first piece of the 100 Thieves' roster for next year in LCS.
100 Thieves had a good year in 2022, finishing second in North America's top competition and qualifying for the World Championship, despite being eliminated with a 1-5 result in the group stage.

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