KRÜ Fem Baesht on playing in GCC: "I like it a lot because we tried really hard and worked really hard to be here. It makes me really happy."

Modified  18 Nov, 04:12
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Coming out of LATAM as the Regional Finals winner, KRÜ Fem started with a 2-0 loss against NA Series 3 winners Cloud 9 White in the first match of VALORANT Game Changers Champions at Berlin. In both series, the North American team emerged ahead with a sizable lead.

We spoke with Catalina “Baesht” Arancibia about what went wrong against C9W, feelings about playing on the world stage, and being in Berlin, the European heart of esports for Riot.

Aykut Sapaz, BLIX.GG: Hello, welcome Baesht, thank you so much for your time and condolences about the loss you just had against Cloud 9 White. What do you think about the series?

KRÜ Baesht: I really liked playing against Cloud 9 and we tried to give our best as a team.

BLIX.GG: It was an interesting match to follow but you had big score differences in the first half of both games. What went wrong at the start of the matches?

KRÜ Baesht: As a team, we got really separated or failed to retake the site and that played against us.

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BLIX.GG: Unfortunate, but it happens on the first match, especially for international events. Speaking of which, how does it feel to play on the international stage compared to the regional stage?

KRÜ Baesht: It is very similar but the difference is that now we’re playing a championship and that can affect the nervousness and anxiety of some players.

BLIX.GG: On the topic of the nervousness and anxiety of the players, are you nervous or excited to be here? How does it feel to play in the international championship of the Valorant?

KRÜ Baesht: On stage, I don’t really feel nervous. I maybe only felt nervous in the first map because it was the first map of the champions. On the second one, we really felt like ourselves.

BLIX.GG: Hopefully it will get better and better as the tournament progresses. But for now, how does it feel to be in Berlin to play in such a tournament? How does the city feel?

KRÜ Baesht: I like it a lot because we tried really hard and worked really hard to be here. It makes me really happy. Maybe something really weird [about the city] is that it gets dark really early and it feels really different to what they are used to where they live.

BLIX.GG: That does sound weird, heh. Lastly, is there anything you want to say to KRÜ fans, your fans, and Valorant fans out there?

KRÜ Baesht: I want to say that I love them very much and thanks for all the support. We’re not gonna give up and we’re gonna keep fighting.

Feature Image: KRÜ Esports/Valorant Esports